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The Top League of Legends Pick Up Lines To Leave Your Crush Blushing

Richard Heimer

14 th  February 2018

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If you want to become a true player in LoL, then you need to master these League of Legends pick up lines. Nothing says “I love you” more than a well-timed pick up line that will leave your crush weak at the knees, especially if it's LoL related!

Here are some of the best (and cheesiest) League of Legends pick up lines that we’ve tried and tested to save you any embarrassment.

General League of Legends Pick Up Lines To Charm Anyone

When it comes to pick up lines, there’s nothing better than these general LoL one-liners. If you fancy someone who plays LoL then these are bound to work.

You are my trinket, I can’t go on without you.

Hey girl are you top lane because i wanna sit in your bush for 5 minutes before leaving us both disappointed when nothing happens.

Are you a Zyra main? Because you are de-zyra-ble!

I wish I had a pair of Mercury's Treads because you’ve just stunned me!

Are you Ziggs? Because you’re the BOMB.

Even if you were Signed I would still chase after you.

Girl, your body is OP.

Is your name Ashe? Because you stun me from a distance.

Wanna come back to base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod?

Girl, you raise my donger.

Are you an AD carry because I'll support you for days.

Not even Yasuo’s windwall could block my love for you.

Champion Related League of Legends Pick Up Lines

If you know someone who plays the same champion non-stop then this section is perfect for you. These champion related pick up lines are great to get your crush to crack a smile and even their number!

blitz icon
 I bet I can find a way to pull you in, even with all those creeps around!

ekko icon
 I don’t need extra time to tell you that you’re the one for me.

jinx icon
 I may do crazy things, but it’s all for you.

caitlyn icon
 I’ve got you in my sights, and I'm not letting go.

cass icon
 I can MAKE you fall in love with me, just look into my eyes…

tristana icon Is that a rocket in your pocket?

karthus icon
 I’ll be with you forever, even in death.

viegar icon
 Size doesn't mean everything.

brand icon
 You’re the only one that can cool me off.

draven icon
 You’re almost as perfect as me!

teemo icon
 Captain Teemo reporting for booty!

kalista icon
 Do you want to be bound to my soul?

graves icon
 I dig you.

 Why have a brain when I can have your heart?

sona icon
 “R” you ready to be stunned?

chogath icon
 Can I nomnomnom you?

nunu icon
 On a scale of 1-10 you’re an absolute zero.

garen icon
 My sword isn’t the only thing I can spin.

arhi icon
 Let’s have some real fun!

Too shy to try these League of Legends pick up lines in real life? Learn from the master himself here:

League of Legends Champion Flirts

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So there you have it, there should be more than enough League of Legends pick up lines to charm any League of Legends fan. Have we missed one of your favorites? Let us know in a comment below.

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