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League of Legends Reworks: A Complete Guide

Richard Heimer

12 th  May 2023

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What Is A Champion Rework?

Riot Games, champion reworks play a crucial role in maintaining balance and keeping the game fresh and engaging. A champion rework (or an update, as it’s often called) is when a champion's abilities, stats, and visuals are updated to improve their viability, gameplay, or both. On the one hand, it gives them new life, showing the old League champions with new skills and sometimes even in new roles, on the other, there wasn’t a situation in which everyone would be happy. 

Types of Updates

Champion reworks in League of Legends can be broadly classified into three primary categories, each addressing different aspects of a champion's design:

  1. Gameplay Update (GU): A Gameplay Update focuses on adjusting or reworking a champion's abilities and stats. They mostly aim to refine or overhaul a champion's playstyle, address balance issues, and make playing it a much funnier experience in general. GUs might include changes to damage scaling, ability cooldowns, or the introduction of new mechanics to the champion's kit.
  1. Visual Update (VU): Visual Updates, as the name would suggest, are dedicated to giving old champions shiny new makeovers. It can include character models, animations, visual effects, and splash arts. VUs are generally reserved for older champions with outdated visuals that no longer meet the current standards of the game. They do not affect a champion's gameplay or abilities.
  1. Visual Gameplay Update (VGU): A VGU combines both visual and gameplay updates to provide a comprehensive overhaul of a champion's design. This type of update is typically reserved for older champions with outdated visuals and gameplay that have become stale or no longer fit the current state of the game. VGUs can also involve new voice lines, updated models, or redesigned abilities.

LoL Champion Reworks in 2023

With that many League of Legends champions at their disposal Riot Games can’t stop for even a minute. That’s why numerous updates were made recently and are planned for the rest of 2023, including this bunch here: 


Champion Description of the Update Extent
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol's rework focused on enhancing his abilities with the new passive, Cosmic Creator. The champion has received multiple changes and bug fixes, with a nerf planned for Patch 13.8. Major
Ashe Ashe's rework aimed to emphasize her role as an ADC. Changes were made to her Q, W, and R abilities, with a focus on swapping from ADC to Support. Medium
Azir Focused on shifting his identity to a full scaling attack speed champion. While considered a mini-rework, the changes have significantly impacted his stats and abilities. Medium
Ivern We don’t know a lot about this one yet but it’s going to be a midscope update touching upon the jungle buff sharing issue.  
Neeko Neeko rework amplifies her trickster fantasy, allowing her to morph into any unit with a health bar, gain full control over her clone, and enjoy increased reliability of her ultimate, albeit with a power trade-off. She also gets minor jungle adjustments for experimental gameplay in that role. Major
Yuumi Yuumi's rework was the largest, addressing her love-hate perception among players. Changes were made to her base stats and abilities, with a new passive, Feline Friendship, added to her kit. Major


Item Description of the Update Extent
Blade of the Ruined King Ranged on-hit damage increased from 8% to 9%. Minor
Bloodthirster Life steal reduced from 18% to 15%; shield scaling changed; total cost reduced from 3400 to 3200. Medium
Infinity Edge Required crit chance reduced from 60% to 40% Minor
Navori Quickblades Required crit chance reduced from 60% to 40% Minor
Cosmic Drive Patch 13.5: Build path changed, more AP at the cost of health; Patch 13.8: AP increased, new passive added for movement speed. Major
Eclipse Omnivamp removed, ability haste and shield cooldown adjusted, build path updated. Medium
Goredrinker Mythic passive changed from 7 ability haste to 50 HP + 3 ability haste. Minor
Maw of Malmortius Attack damage increased, ability haste removed, unique passive changed, build path updated. Medium
Ravenous Hydra Omnivamp changed to lifesteal, ability haste increased, unique passive updated. Medium
Chemtech Putrifier Build path and stats changed, now grants 8% healing and shielding power, unique passive reworked for Grievous Wounds application. Major
Morellonomicon Health reduced, magic penetration added, unique passive updated for Grievous Wounds application. Medium
Chempunk Chainsword Attack damage reduced, unique passive updated to always apply 40% Grievous Wounds. Minor
Mortal Reminder Build path and stats changed, unique passive updated for Grievous Wounds application. Major
Thornmail Armor ratio increased, unique passive updated for Grievous Wounds application. Minor
Relic Shield Base health regeneration increased from 25% to 75%. Minor
Targon's Buckler Base health regeneration increased from 50% to 75%. Minor
Spectral Sickle Charge timer cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds. Minor
Harrowing Crescent Charge timer cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds. Minor
Spellthief's Edge Charge timer cooldown increased, base mana regeneration reduced. Minor
Frostfang Charge timer cooldown increased, base mana regeneration reduced. Minor
Shard of True Ice Charge timer cooldown increased, base mana regeneration reduced. Minor
Steel Shoulderguards Base health regeneration increased from 25% to 75%. Minor
Runesteel Spaulders Base health regeneration increased from 25% to 75% Minor
Jak'Sho, The Protean Cost increased, resists changed, unique passive updated to be champion-only and drain amount changed. Medium
Radiant Virtue Cooldown increased, maximum health and total healing changed, ability haste aura and healing amplification removed. Medium


Rune Description of the Update Extent
Legend: Tenacity Tenacity per Legend Stack slightly reduced Minor
Magical Footwear Boot sell-back gold significantly reduced. Minor
Treasure Hunter Base gold and total gold reduced. Minor
Grasp of the Undying Bonus health and heal changed, added base heal for Melee/Ranged champions. Medium
Triumph Heal changed to scale more with missing health and added a base heal of max Health (scaled differently on ARAM) Medium
Legend: Bloodline Maximum Lifesteal and Maximum Health decreased. Minor
Lethal Tempo Early-game ranged Attack Speed was reduced, and late-game scaling increased to keep the same output at level 18. Medium

System Reworks in League of Legends

League of Legends has undergone several system reworks over the years, each one of them meaning to spice things up a bit, making the game easier or more interesting for the players. 

  • Mastery System (May 6, 2015)

The Mastery System was a nice touch introduced in League of Legends with Patch 5.8 as a way for players to showcase their skill and experience with specific champions. Players started earning Mastery Points for each champion they play with, based on their performance in matches. 

  • Honor System (June 30, 2017)

The Honor System in League of Legends was added in Patch 7.13 to encourage positive behavior and sportsmanship among players, for a change.With it, Riot Games introduced a more engaging and rewarding system for recognizing honorable play. Players can now honor their teammates after each match, choosing from three categories: Stayed Cool, Great Shotcalling, and GG <3. The system also tracks honor progression through a five-level honor scale offering rewards as a main motivator.

  • Runes Reforged (November 8, 2017)

 Runes Reforged was a major overhaul of the previous rune and mastery systems combining them into one, creating a more streamlined, user-friendly experience which doesn’t require spending a lot of Blue Essence on tones of different runes. The new system has five primary paths (Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration) and allows players to choose one primary and one secondary path. Players can then select specific runes within those paths to customize their champion's abilities and playstyle.

List of Historical Champion Updates

Champion Description of the Update Date
Jax This champion update was mainly about Jax’s ultimate, and making it more fun to use in general. The AP build was made rather more suitable for this champion. 2023-01-10
Syndra Her Passive was changed and her Q now holds 2 charges. The other big change is shifting her power into W rank-up and making E better at 1 level. This should make her burst turn on a bit earlier  2022-10-05
Udyr In this comprehensive gameplay update developers aimed to keep his unique stance-changing ability but modernized his gameplay and design. They were also experimenting with enhanced "super" versions of his stances for more exciting gameplay moments. 2022-08-24
Sivir It was all about improving her position in late-game teamfights. She's got a bit more punch now with some tweaks to her Ricochet and Boomerang Blade abilities. It's a nice balance because she's also a bit tougher, so she can handle those close-range encounters better 2022-07-13
Taliyah Six years after the champion’s initial release, Riot introduced major changes to make her gameplay more enjoyable and forgiving, with modifications across all abilities and base stats, including a new stun feature on her E ability and an AoE effect on her Q ability. 2022-05-11
Olaf Olaf's power was shifted from clear speed to survivability, making him a stronger top laner. Changes include increased life steal, armor shredding with Undertow, and a shield on his W ability, improving his overall performance. 2022-05-11
Swain Enhanced his strategic and solo lane capabilities with mana buffs, improved crowd control, and a more dynamic ultimate ability. His E now allows him to pull everyone he snares, his passive healing and health increase have been amplified, and his ultimate lasts as long as he can sustain himself with enemies' souls, creating a more formidable and self-reliant champion. 2022-04-27
Ahri It was a mid-scope update set to improve her identity as a mobile mage with changes to her passive and her R ability, which will now partially reset, thus granting her more opportunities to dictate the flow of fights. Moreover, the modifications to her spells will improve her laning experience and utility throughout the game. 2022-02-02
Janna The power was shifted away from her W and auto-attacks' lane poke, instead emphasizing utility. Her Q ability is now significantly more potent when used in an offensive manner. 2022-01-20
Sona Shifted her from a top lane harasser, making her gameplay more enjoyable. Her mana refund mechanism was replaced with an "Accelerando" stacking feature, rewarding effective use of her Q and W abilities. This provided her ability haste and, upon reaching the maximum stacks, reducing the cooldown of her ultimate, "Crescendo". 2021-08-11
Tahm Kench The developers tweaked Abyssal Voyage Kenby, making it a tool for dedicated supports that can damage and knock down enemies swiftly over a shorter range, but it's now only accessible at level 6 with a longer cooldown. They also moved the Devour skill to the first slot "R", offering dual functions - either to harm enemies or protect teammates. 2021-06-23
Dr. Mundo It was aimed to enhance Dr. Mundo's tankiness and regeneration, but balance it with more counterplay, diversity in gameplay, and updated simplicity. However, attempts to increase his health or offer unusual abilities led to gameplay issues, forcing a return to simpler abilities. 2021-06-09
Rammus The update focused on multiplying his gameplay options, reinforcing his high-speed fantasy, and improving the visual and sound effects. The changes aimed to be power-neutral but potentially provided a slight boost at higher MMRs, while retaining his iconic speed-focused gameplay. 2021-04-14
Volibear He underwent an update to align his in-game persona with his lore, balancing his honorable dignity with his monstrous, storm-wielding might. Developers adjusted his gameplay to reflect his thunderous power, after initial designs proved too grotesque, and additionally released an "Eldritch Horror" skin for free to existing Volibear owners during the launch. 2020-05-28
Fiddlesticks After many comprehensive gameplay updates the champion now embodies the most frightening champion in the game, focusing on creating ambush opportunities and instilling fear in enemies. The transformed Fiddlesticks was designed to blur the line between reality and illusion, with new mechanics built around its signature Crowstorm, creating a more immersive and chilling experience for the players. 2020-04-01
Wukong Provided a more versatile, trickster-like playstyle, with changes made to all of his abilities, the most notable of which include a dash added to his W ability and his R ability now being castable twice. His passive ability was also revamped, no longer based on proximity but on fighting champions, and his stats were adjusted to reinforce his bruiser, top, and jungle builds. 2020-03-18
Diana An attempt was made to improve her early game and balance her overall performance, particularly by swapping her E (Moonfall) and R (Lunar Rush) abilities and adjusting them to suit their new positions in the kit. This aimed to make the experience of playing as and against Diana less extreme in terms of success or failure. 2019-12-11
Pantheon Implemented with the aim to modernize his existing abilities instead of fully redesigning them, maintaining his assertive, dependable play style while adding more strategic options. The upgrade also focused on enhancing the hoplite fantasy by better incorporating Pantheon's shield into his abilities. 2019-08-16
Malphite His abilities are now more satisfying to use, with his Q becoming more responsive and his W now resetting his attack animation while cleaving in a larger cone. Additionally, his in-game size now scales with his armor to better fit his mountainous theme, and his abilities were given new visual effects for an enhanced gaming experience. 2019-07-17
Mordekaiser Each ability on his kit was either updated or replaced to solidify his role as an AP juggernaut. His ultimate was notably transformed to induce greater fear in his adversaries, emphasizing his commanding and menacing presence in the game. 2019-06-11
Kayle Featuring a passive ability it evolves her attacks as she levels up, a new Q ability that shreds enemy defenses, a healing and speed-boosting W ability, an E ability with both passive and active components for magic damage, and an R ability that grants invulnerability before dealing damage to nearby enemies. 2019-03-06
Ezreal A few mid-scope updates were included in this one – his Q ability, Mystic Shot, reduces his cooldowns if it hits a target, a new W ability, Essence Flux, that sticks to the first hit target and can be detonated for additional damage, and a tweak to his E ability, Arcane Shift, to prioritize targets stuck with Essence Flux. 2018-10-09
Nunu & Willump Nearly all of their abilities were revamped. The only ones that weren't are Consume, which was altered to add more strategy, and their ultimate, Absolute Zero, which was slightly adjusted to give players more control over its usage. 2018-08-28
Akali She now boasts increased abilities such as a passive that empowers her next attack after dealing spell damage, a healing Five Point Strike, a stealth-providing Twilight Shroud, a flipping shuriken attack, and a dual-dashing execution ultimate move. 2018-07-31
Aatrox His reworked abilities include a powerful basic attack that reduces healing and shielding on enemies, a three-swing sword attack with knock-up potential, a ground smash that chains enemies, a healing dash ability, and a monstrous transformation that increases his damage. 2018-06-27
Irelia Her new kit includes a passive that grants bonus magic damage and attack speed, a dashing attack that refreshes on marked targets, a defensive ability that reduces damage and retaliates, a dual-blade throw that stuns and marks enemies, and an ultimate that creates a blade barrier, marking and slowing enemy champions. 2018-04-04
Swain Swain's rework transforms him into a grumpy birdman who feeds off soul fragments, healing himself and gaining power. His new abilities include a damaging and pulling passive, a mana-recovering bolt attack, an area-of-effect damaging and slowing skill, a rooting hand projection, and a draining ultimate that culminates in a powerful nova of energy. 2018-02-07
Evelynn She got a new passive that allows her to heal and camouflage herself after a period of inactivity. Her abilities now include a multi-cast magic damage spike, a charming and resistance-shredding curse, a health-based damage lash with a speed boost, and a powerful, execution-style ultimate that also makes her untargetable. 2017-10-10
Xin Zhao Major changes were implemented to his passive, W and R abilities while keeping his Q and E largely the same. His new W ability allows for a two-part spear attack with a slash and long-range thrust, while his modified R creates a protective zone, blocking damage from champions outside it, and enhancing his dueling capabilities in teamfights. 2017-09-26
Urgot The update introduced new abilities that focus on positioning and strategy. His unique feature is his spider-like legs which can fire blasts at enemies. He can also move them around using his skills or trap them using his ultimate.  2017-07-26
Sejuani Sejuani’s abilities were reworked to make her more versatile in fights. Her passive, W, E and R abilities were all changed to provide her with more ways to interact with the game and create opportunities for her team. 2017-05-03
Maokai His Saplings and Ultimate abilities were changed to make him a more interesting champion to play with, as, and against. 2017-05-03
Galio He got new abilities such as Colossal Smash, Winds of War, Shield of Durand, Justice Punch and Hero’s Entrance. These changes made him more versatile in fights and allowed him to control the battlefield and protect his allies. 2017-03-21
Warwick It made him a lot more engaging, with a new passive, Eternal Hunger, that heals him when he deals damage. His abilities got an upgrade too, with his Q now healing him, his W helping him detect and chase low-health enemies, his E causing fear and giving him damage reduction, and his R suppressing and dealing damage over time to a target.  2017-01-25
Shyvana Her passive now grants her bonus armor and magic resistance based on the number of dragons she has slain. Her ultimate ability now deals damage in an area around her and knocks back enemies on the edges of the area 2016-11-19
Talon Talon's gone from being a "poor man's Zed" to a parkour master! His new three-stack passive and reworked Q - which includes a lunge or a guaranteed crit depending on the target's distance - make him a more dynamic champ. But the real game-changer is his new E, Assassin's Path, which lets him flip over any terrain for slick escapes and thrilling chases, giving him a much-needed identity boost in the game. 2016-11-10
Rengar His Q is now a skillshot, his passive got a shakeup, reducing Max Ferocity stacks to four and increasing his leap from bushes. Most notably, his empowered W now acts as a cleanse, freeing him from crowd control. Plus, his ult only reveals the nearest champion but guarantees a critical hit if he jumps on them - adding more counterplay.  2016-11-10
Katarina Now she can Shunpo anywhere around a unit, adding more flexibility to her movements, and her updated W lets her place a dagger to which she can jump. This makes her even more agile and opens up a world of new strategic plays. 2016-11-10
Yorick The reworked Yorick harnesses the power of damned souls to summon Mist Walkers and the Maiden of the Mist, becoming a formidable split-pushing champion in League of Legends. His abilities allow him to create a mini-army for sieges, trap enemies, and sustain himself in teamfights, all while potentially pushing two lanes simultaneously with intelligent AI mechanics. 2016-09-08
Ryze His revamped kit includes a runic blast in his Overload (Q) that shields him and increases his movement speed, a Rune Prison (W) that roots enemies, a Spell Flux (E) that deals damage and can be used in combination with other spells for bonus effects, and a Realm Warp (R) that teleports all allies near a portal to a specified location. 2016-07-13
Zyra Her updated passive allows her to propagate even more deathly plants across the arena. Her skillset was altered a bit without changing the overall idea for the champion.  2016-05-04
Vladimir Vladimir's still the sustain-focused blood mage, but his mobility was improved. Not all rainbow and sunshine though, because with the addition of new mechanics, he’s now a champion harder to master. 2016-05-04
Vel'Koz Not a lot changed here, simply put –if you are able to land 3 stacks of passive on someone, the ult will deal true damage. 2016-05-04
Malzahar Malzahar is still a low-mobility lockdown mage, but now he's got more friends from the void to protect him. The Prophet's also amping up his ability to get close during teamfights thanks to his new passive, Void Shift. 2016-05-04
Cassiopeia Her E’s cooldown was greatly reduced and an entirely new type of CC was introduced—"Grounded"— negating an enemy's ability to flash, dash, or even take a friendly Thresh lantern. 2016-05-04
Brand The approach to Brand’s gameplay was changed from focusing on a single target to dealing AOE damage. His skills were changed just a bit, to match the overall idea.  2016-05-04
Taric  He was gifted a new set of abilities, where his spells are also cast from a nearby ally protected by Bastion (W), and his passive, Bravado, empowers his basic attacks and reduces his spells' cooldowns. His new kit includes Starlight's Touch (Q) which heals allied champions, Bastion (W) which increases armor and shields allies, Dazzle (E) which stuns enemies, and Cosmic Radiance (R) which makes nearby allied champions invulnerable. 2016-04-19
Shen Shen has become a much more mechanically complicated champion, with most of his gameplay focused around his dagger and pressure on the map.  2016-01-28
Poppy Poppy's extensive update refines her into a tanky teamfight disruptor, with new abilities that focus on melee combat, controlling enemy movements, and providing defensive boosts. Her new passive, Iron Ambassador, throws her buckler for bonus damage and a potential shield. 2015-12-10
Quinn An update to her passive Harrier, allowed critical chance to reduce its cooldown, a rework of her Q ability (now Aerial Assault) which no longer blinds but marks enemies as vulnerable and has its cooldown reduced if it kills a target, and a major rework of her ultimate Tag Team, transforming it into a mobility tool that grants her substantial movement speed. 2015-11-10
Miss Fortune The new passive, Love Tap, allows her attacks to deal bonus damage and mark her targets, with continually switching targets triggering the bonus damage. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, has been significantly revamped, increasing its duration, and the number of waves, as well as introducing the possibility of critical strikes, leading to a potentially massive increase in total damage. 2015-11-10
Kog’Maw Aside from stats change, a lot has changed –the standout feature is his revamped Bio-Arcane Barrage, which now doubles his total attack speed and attack speed cap for 6 seconds, allowing him to reach an unheard-of 5.00 attack speed. His Living Artillery ability has also been altered, now dealing up to triple damage to targets with less than 25% of their max health. 2015-11-10
Graves The update ultimately changed him into a jungler – lowering his range but adding a unique ammo system in his attacks, and his ultimate, Collateral Damage, now also propels him backward upon use, adding yet another element of repositioning to his kit. 2015-11-10
Corki "The Package" system now supercharges his Valkyrie ability for high-speed, high-damage bombing runs, and updates Gatling Gun to shred magic resistance in addition to armor. Alongside these, his Missile Barrage ability has been adjusted to reduce base damage but improve scaling with attack damage and ability power. 2015-11-10
Caitlyn Caitlyn's gameplay overhaul places an emphasis on her strategic trap placement and precision shots, with her Headshot ability dealing increased bonus damage based on critical strike chance, guaranteeing Headshots on trapped or slowed by her E.  2015-11-10
Darius His Hemorrhage passive now comes with a Bloodrage component, granting Darius significant damage increase and max Hemorrhage stacks on enemies upon execution with Noxian Guillotine or fully stacking Hemorrhage, making him a formidable cleanup fighter when he gets his passive stacks going. 2015-08-26
Garen His R ability, Demacian Justice, has a new passive where Garen identifies the enemy champion with the most recent kills as the enemy team’s Villain, dealing additional damage and true damage with his ultimate, making him a unique protector figure that counters the enemy's top-performing champion. 2015-08-26
Skarner The introduction of capturable crystal spires when Skarner is in a game, provides him with significant boosts to his movement and attack speed within their zones, making Skarner a significant neutral objective control champion. 2015-08-26
Morderkaiser His rework positions him as a duo lane juggernaut, gaining full experience from last-hitting minions even when paired with a support, and a unique ability to summon a specter of the dragon that fights for him, making him an early-game powerhouse in bot lane battles and dragon contests. 2015-08-26
Fiora She got a slew of new abilities centered around exploiting enemy weaknesses, called Vitals. Her new kit emphasizes precision and timing, with abilities allowing her to strike Vitals for bonus damage and healing, dash forward to attack, parry incoming damage and crowd control, gain bonus attack speed and critical strike, and challenge an enemy champion to a duel that, if successful, provides substantial healing and bonus movement speed. 2015-08-06
Miss Fortune There were a few tweaks to her abilities, such as a boosted Double Up damage if the primary target dies, a cooldown reduction and Strut trigger for Impure Shots, as well as adjustments to the slow and duration of Make It Rain. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, also gets a tooltip update for clarity.  
Gangplank His new kit includes a fiery innate ability that offers bonus damage and speed, an updated Q ability that rewards last hits with Silver Serpents for ultimate upgrades, a tweaked healing W ability, a brand new E ability that lets him place and detonate explosive powder kegs, and an overhauled ultimate that now offers unique upgrades purchasable with his unique currency. 2015-07-21
Ashe It shifted her passive Frost Shots into a unique form of critical strike that depends on her crit chance and bonus crit damage, and integrates it into all of her attacks and abilities. Additionally, Ranger's Focus, was introduced, which enhances her attack speed and slow strength, and can fire a flurry of arrows with enough Focus stacks. 2015-05-14
Ryze Ryze's gameplay underwent significant changes, with new mechanics such as spells granting Arcane Mastery stacks that supercharge him, and an altered Spell Flux that splits to damage and shreds magic resistance of multiple enemies, adding a fresh layer of strategic depth to his gameplay. 2015-04-08
Veigar Revolving around shifting his Q ability to a skillshot, it also reduced mana costs and cooldowns for several abilities and added a delay to his E ability, Event Horizon. Overall changes boosted his laning flexibility and late-game scaling, making him less of a click-and-kill burst mage. 2015-02-25
Zilean The Chronokeeper, now commands time with even more finesse. His Q ability has been transformed into a lobbed skillshot that, if landed twice, delivers the largest non-ultimate AoE stun in the game, and his E ability slows enemies by a staggering 99% at max ranks, amplifying his control over the battlefield's pace. 2015-02-25
Tristana The Yordle Gunner now requires more precision and strategic gameplay as her attack range per level and rocket jump base damage have been reduced. However, her abilities now synergize better, with Rocket Jump amplifying damage on enemies marked with Explosive Charge and detonating it at 4 stacks, creating a tantalizingly explosive combo. 2015-01-28
Sion Now, even in death, he turns berserk, gaining a full life bar and tremendous offensive boosts, while his revamped abilities allow him to unleash devastating axe swings, create explosive shields, bellow armor-shredding roars, and charge unstoppably across the Rift. 2014-10-23
Viktor His attacks now take on a new level of calculated precision and destruction, from the explosive follow-up of his Death Ray to the rapid, relentless pursuit of his Chaos Storm, making him an even more formidable force on the fields of justice. 2014-09-25
Soraka First and foremost – a new passive that boosts her restorative abilities based on the target's missing health or mana. With augmented heals and buffs, improved mana dynamics, and a global heal that now touches even the untargetable, Soraka's evolution is simply divine. 2014-09-25
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia's gameplay update brings a fresh emphasis on her poison-stacking ability, shifting her from an early lane dominator to a late-game powerhouse with her new passive, Aspect of the Serpent. As she poisons enemies and builds stacks, her damage potential scales quite impressively. 2014-08-26
Sona It sees her transition into a more engaging support, with her aura mechanics getting an overhaul; they now require more active player interaction and have a reduced radius but increased impact on tagged allies. Furthermore, her new Crescendo passive amplifies her auras, pushing her role as a versatile, aura-wielding maestro 2014-07-30
Skarner The revamp has added a venomous sting to his gameplay, with a new passive that applies 'Crystal Venom' debuff, enabling him to stun and deal extra damage to foes, emphasizing his role as a disruptive tank. Furthermore, his Crystal Slash now boosts movement speed per stack of Crystal Energy, enhancing his sticking power 2014-06-18
Nidalee Nidalee's transformation brought a thrilling huntress vibe to the game, with her new 'Hunted' mechanic marking opponents for potent attacks in both human and cougar forms. The revamp emphasizes her shapeshifting nature, requiring strategic decisions between evasive maneuvers and pouncing onto vulnerable prey. 2014-06-18
Rengar It sharpened his hunting prowess, with improvements to his teamfight presence and a revamped Bonetooth Necklace now acting as a trinket, enhancing his utility as he collects trophies. The changes strike a balance between raw assassination power and strategic hunting, with stealth alterations prompting an adrenaline-filled cat-and-mouse game as Rengar and his prey are alerted of each other's proximity. 2014-04-02
Gragas Gragas's gameplay revamp trades his long-range barrel sniping for the boisterous, belly-first brawling one would expect from a drunken bruiser, with augmented close-combat abilities like a health-chomping Drunken Rage and a stunning Body Slam. The changes bring out Gragas's intended personality, transforming him from a distant mage to a tanky in-your-face fighter. 2014-04-02
Kassadin Striking a balance between counterplay and his original theme, this revamped Kassadin exchanges his infamous silence and burst damage for enhanced mobility, a magic-damage shield, a mana-restoring Nether Blade, and a Riftwalk that scales with max mana, positioning him as a persistent, agile threat in the magic-dominated skirmishes. 2014-03-18
Xerath Xerath transforms from a rapid-fire caster to a true arcane sniper, trading off some of his spell penetration and attack speed for increased range and precision. His reworked abilities, including a channeling Arcanopulse and a ground-targeted Eye of Destruction, now allow him to deal damage from afar, while his new passive, Mana Surge, and the revamped ultimate, Rite of the Arcane, further enhance his long-range damage potential. 2014-02-11
Skarner The reshape is that into a more cohesive and modern jungler, with the slow from his Crystal Slash moved to Fracture, which no longer has its healing mark. His Crystalline Exoskeleton now provides a ramping-up movement speed bonus and stronger shielding, while Crystal Slash grants a stacking attack speed buff. Additionally, his ultimate, Impale, now roots the target during the windup, 2014-02-11
Heimerdinger The Revered Inventor brings a stronger strategic presence with his reworked kit, with each of his turrets, rockets, and grenades now having an enhanced version via his ultimate, UPGRADE!!!. This allows Heimerdinger to adapt to different scenarios.  2013-10-01
Sivir Her Ricochet ability now applies to her next three basic attacks, offering a more reliable damage spread, while her Spell Shield's mana cost is removed, making it more accessible for blocking incoming spells. Her ultimate, On the Hunt, now additionally grants attack speed when Ricochet is active, and provides an initial burst of movement speed to her allies, making her a more potent force on the battlefield. 2013-10-01
Olaf His Undertow now has a minimum throw distance and a stronger, non-decaying slow. Vicious Strikes swaps attack damage for increased attack speed and healing based on missing health. Reckless Swing has an added attack damage ratio and cooldown reduction via basic attacks. Ragnarok provides passive defenses, which can be converted to bonus attack damage when activated. 2013-10-01
Master Yi Master Yi's rework elevates his dueling prowess, with an Alpha Strike that can crit and a Meditate that provides damage reduction and healing. His Wuju Style now offers true damage, and Highlander resets and extends durations, making him an unstoppable force in multi-kill scenarios. 2013-07-30
Sejuani Trundle's tweaks solidify him as a draining juggernaut, stealing health, armor, and magic resist with his reworked Subjugate, and amplifying his durability and damage on his Frozen Kingdom. 2013-04-29
Trundle Sejuani has been remodeled as an imposing, tanky initiator, wielding an armor-generating passive, a knock-up charge, and area control abilities, making her a formidable foe in the chill of the Freljord battlefields. 2013-04-29
Karma Each of her abilities gains unique secondary effects when empowered by Mantra, boosting damage, providing healing, or adding shielding and haste, adding an element of tactical choice to her gameplay. 2013-03-27
Garen his core abilities were refined for better gameplay synergy. His 'Decisive Strike' now removes slows and can critically strike, while 'Courage' passively increases Armor and Magic Resist and offers crowd control reduction. 'Judgment' now deals higher damage to minions but no longer removes slows, while 'Demacian Justice' sees a cooldown adjustment for balance. 2012-08-14
Katarina Her passive, Voracity, now reduces 'Death Lotus' cooldown by 10 seconds and refreshes basic abilities on champion kills or assists. 'Bouncing Blades' have a ricochet effect, marking enemies for bonus damage, while 'Sinister Steel' grants movement speed if it hits a champion, making her both a mobile and mechanically challenging champion.  2012-08-14
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao's remade gameplay introduces 'Challenge' passive that reduces a target's armor. His 'Three Talon Strikes' now reduce other ability cooldowns, 'Battle Cry' provides a healing passive, 'Audacious Charge' applies 'Challenge' and offers enhanced damage and slow, while 'Crescent Sweep' knocks unchallenged targets back and gains bonus damage ratios. 2012-07-18
Twitch His 'Ambush' now grants invisibility and speed, 'Venom Cask' applies slow and stacks 'Deadly Venom', 'Expunge' uses 'Deadly Venom' stacks for area damage without removing them, and 'Spray and Pray' offers piercing, long-range attacks with bonus damage. 2012-07-18
Evelynn Evelynn's remade gameplay enhances her stealth mechanics, with her passive 'Shadow Walk' granting invisibility and mana regeneration. Her other abilities are fine-tuned for strategic damage and mobility, such as 'Hate Spike's' targeted damage, or 'Dark Frenzy's' speed boosts. 2012-07-18
Jax Jax's gameplay update introduces a new passive ability 'Relentless Assault' that increases his attack speed with each attack. It also brings significant changes to his ultimate, 'Grandmaster's Might', now passively deals bonus magic damage every third attack and boosts his attack damage and ability power when activated. 2012-01-16
Sivir Her abilities have been refined for physical damage, with 'Boomerang Blade' gaining a better bonus attack damage ratio, 'Ricochet' enabling bouncing attacks, and 'On the Hunt' providing allies who come into range with an attack speed bonus. 2011-11-28
Tryndamere Tryndamere's rework introduces a new Fury mechanic that increases his critical strike chance, and changes to 'Bloodlust' now boosts his attack damage based on missing health and provides a heal based on consumed Fury. 2011-07-25
Kayle Kayle's rework introduces a new passive, 'Holy Fervor', which reduces enemy champions' armor and magic resistance, enhancing her role as a hybrid damage dealer. 2011-07-25
Gangplank The changes have focused on refining his abilities for more strategic play; 'Raise Morale' no longer targets units, providing passive and active bonuses to movement speed and attack damage to Gangplank and his allies. 'Cannon Barrage' now consistently slows all enemies in its area, despite dealing less damage and covering a smaller area.  2011-04-25
Fiddlesticks The ancient fear has received a general buff to his survivability and crowd control abilities, with increased base armor, movement speed, and 'Fear' range. 2011-04-25
Alistar The new passive: 'Trample', grants him unit collision immunity and an area damage effect whenever he casts a spell, changing his gameplay dynamic significantly. While his 'Pulverize' and 'Headbutt' ' can now target minions, providing Alistar with more tactical flexibility in combat. 2011-04-25
Sona The rework has refined her musical prowess, as her Power Chord now deals damage based on her level and changes effects based on her last song played.  2011-03-14
Ryze Ryze's rework supercharges his arcane abilities with rapid-fire 'Overload', mana-fueled damage from 'Rune Prison', and vampiric energy from his ultimate 'Desperate Power', making him a more dynamic and exciting spell-slinger on the Rift. 2011-02-15
Morderkaiser Mordekaiser's rework ushers in a reign of terror, with his abilities tweaked for higher damage and shield generation, making him a relentless force on the battlefield. His ultimate 'Children of the Grave' now delivers an immediate half-damage hit, making his ghostly onslaught even more daunting 2010-11-01
Kayle Kayle's divine rework introduces a new passive, Holy Fervor, transforming her attack damage into ability power and vice versa, bridging the gap between her melee and magic prowess. Changes to her abilities emphasize her role as a high-stakes combatant, with increased healing and speed from Divine Blessing. 2010-07-06


In the ever-changing cosmos of League of Legends, reworks are the celestial showers that sprinkle a bit of spice to our well-loved, familiar avatars. Their aim is to improve gameplay, add new features, and update the champion’s visuals to keep the game fresh and exciting.

And it’s great that we have them, all in all, they are the reason that after all these years League of Legends is still an exciting game about which we can still learn a lot. Nothing ever stays the same. So, the next time your favorite champion has an upcoming rework, embrace the new kit with open arms. 

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