26th October, 2017

League of Legends Terminology (For Noobies)

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League of Legends is currently the most popular game in the world by far. With millions of players logging in every single day to get their daily fix, LoL is still attracting new players even today. For these new players, learning the game can often be hard, especially when everyone else is using the in-game terminology.

With so much terminology in League of Legends, for new players it can often seem like people are speaking an entirely different language.

To help you get to grips with all the different terminology in LoL, today we’re taking a look at some of the most common terms used in game.

So STFU and L2P as we take a look at the weirdest and most used League of Legends terminology.

League of Legends Terminology: Strategy

When playing League of Legends, you often need to communicate with other players on your team in order to increase your chances of winning. If you see these terms used in game then you know it has something to do with the strategy.

Gank: When the jungler or another team member gang up on an enemy champion in lane

Babysit: When the jungler stays in a lane to help babysit it.

Zoning: Keeping players out of lane to stop them from getting last hits and gold.

UIt: Information regarding a team members ultimate ability, most likely telling someone to use it.

SS: Missing in lane - alerts teammates an enemy champion has disappeared and might be trying to gank.

Peel / Peeling: To protect another champion on your team.

OOM: Out of mana - a warning to other players that you or a team member have no mana.

LOM: Low on mana - when you’re nearly out of mana and need to warn team members before you run out.

Kiting: Moving while auto-attacking a champion / monster so they can’t attack you back.

Instalock: Instantly choosing a champion and locking in your selection, (usually in ranked). Attacking an enemy under their tower.

Diving: Attacking an enemy under their tower.

League of Legends Terminology: Chat

WP: Well played - usually at the end of a game or when someone pulls a good play.

GG: Goodgame - usually said at the end of a match.

EZ: Easy - often seen as rude, this term means the game was straightforward and not challenging.

KS: Killsteal - when you accidentally or purposely kill a champion that another player was going to kill. Often seen as rude and greedy but can be accidental.

L2P: Learn to play - used as an offensive term.

Get rekt: A taunt to players who have been killed.

BG: Bad game - usually said at the end of a game and considered rude.

League of Legends Terminology: General

Nerf: To weaken a champion's abilities and overall strength

MOBA: Multiplayer online battle arena - e.g. games such as League of Legends and DOTA

MLG: Major League Gaming.

Main: To main a specific champion, this means you have a lot of experience playing a certain champion (usually in ranked).

IMBA: Imbalanced - used when referring to champions or abilities.

KDA: Kill/death/assists.

KD Ratio: Number of kills divided by your number of deaths - anything over 1 or higher is considered good.

Ghosting: When someone spectates a game to see where the other players are and what they’re doing. Usually a problem on streaming platforms such as Twitch.tv

Farming: Earning experience and collecting gold by killing creeps in lane or the jungle.

Elo: Referring to a player's rank or matchmaker rating.

MMR: Referring to a player's level of skill (higher MMR means more experienced).

1v1: A duel between 2 players.

ARAM: All random all mid game mode.

Back: To teleport back to base.

Broken: When something in the game is viewed as imbalanced or overpowered.

Now you know what the most common in game terms are, you’ll never be left scratching your head. Can you think of any common or unfamiliar terms we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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