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What is Ms in League of Legends?

Alistar Smyth

12 th  May 2022

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Not only in League of Legends but also in other competitive online games, you might have heard players talking about their “ms” levels. Ms stands for “milliseconds” and the term is not only in the League of Legends. With ms, players can understand how delayed they are from the game. Being delayed due to an internet connection is one of the worst things you can encounter as a competitive gamer. Therefore, you need to clearly understand what ms means and then look for ways to reduce it. In our article, we clarify what ms means in League of Legends and show you the possible reasons why you would have bad ms rates.

“Ms” Meaning in League of Legends

Just like in the context of other competitive online games, ms stands for “milliseconds” in League of Legends. This can also be called “ping” which is a technical name of the delay. You can see your ping rate in terms of milliseconds in the upper right corner while you are in the game.

Ms in League of Legends 1

If you do not see your ping level, simply hit CTRL + F. This will toggle the FPS and ms display for you. If this does not work, you should go to options and set a hotkey for toggling FPS and ms display.

So, what does ms mean in League of Legends? In short, it simply shows how many milliseconds you are delayed from the server. For instance, if your ms (ping) rate is 30, then you are 30 milliseconds delayed. In this case, you would not feel any delays and play the game comfortably. However, if your ms rate is above 100, this would highly affect your gameplay since the opponent champions would be able to outplay you by casting abilities earlier. 100 milliseconds may seem very less in real life but in the world of faster clicks and abilities, it is a huge number.

Why does my Ping Level Change?

Your ms rate in LoL will not be a constant number. This is just the nature of internet connections. The important thing is that your ping rate should be stable; it should not jump and dump 15-20 ms constantly. Another important thing is that it should be lower than 60-70ms. This way, you can get the maximum performance in your games. In the end, you would want to minimize your ms rate, the less the better. (See our article on “What are good pings in LoL.”

A major factor that would affect your ms rate is your location on Riot Games’ server. As you get closer to a server, your ms will decrease and you will be able to play more comfortably.

Ms in League of Legends 2

If you live in the European region and want to play on the Japanese server, this will not really work in terms of your ms rate. Since the server will be on the other side of the world, your ms rate will be so high that the game will be almost unplayable.

What to do When Ms is High in LoL?

No player would want a high ms level, but any player can encounter this issue. First things first, if you are skeptical about your current internet connection quality or you are about to go into a very important game, check your ms beforehand. If it is higher than the average, look for solutions:

  • Wait a little while before queuing. There can sometimes be connection troubles or maintenance caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If this is the case, the high ms would be temporary and you will be able to continue to play with low ms rates minutes later.
  • Check if someone connected to your network or something auto-started for downloading. The burden on the network causes higher pings and delays that would reduce the quality of the game.
  • Check your router. Sometimes, Wi-fi signals do not work properly so you can plug in an ethernet cable to maximize your network power into your PC.
  • Contact your ISP. They might have a technical solution to solve your problem so that you can play on lower ms rates.
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