2nd February, 2016

The Odds Of Winning In League Of Legends

Picture the scenario - You got the first dragon and tower and were off to a great start, but you're now looking at a grey screen as the five enemy champions knock down the health of your nexus. Where did it all go so wrong?

It turns out that getting the first Baron still means you'll lose one in every five games. So what's the best objective to get and how can you increase your odds of winning in League of Legends? Does the side matter? Can I still win a game with no Inhibitors left?

Our handy infographic below answers all the questions and shows you the odds of winning a game for being the first to each major objective. Interestingly this has barely changed throughout the season, even after the addition of the new elemental dragons and the tower first blood.

League Of Legends Win Statistics Infographic

League of Legends Win rate Statistics

Non-Infographic League of Legends Win Rate Statistics

We know that some people prefer the raw stats and that's okay. We've put them down here for you to read in good old fashioned, boring, text format. So sit back into your grey chair, sip your water and enjoy as you can now view the raw stats in all their exciting glory.

  • Get first blood - 69% chance to win (69% on the Red)
  • Get first Dragon - 69% chance to win (67% on the Red)
  • Get first tower - 70% chance to win (71% on the Red)
  • Get first rift herald - 72% chance to win (73% on the Red)
  • Get first Baron - 80% chance to win (81% on the Red)
  • Get first inhibitor - 92% chance to win (92% on the Red)
  • Get first Nexus - 100% chance to win! (100% on the Red)

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