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League of Legends Memes for Smurfs

Richard Heimer

11 th  May 2016

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When you play League of Legends, it’s always inevitable that a smurf will eventually end up in one of your games, especially at low level or elo.

Unfortunately not every smurf is good, and this can lead to moaning and reports. We've decided to find 15 League of Legends memes for reactions to smurfs that all League of Legends players will know.

We've got reaction gifs for the smurfs that carry you, the smurfs that feed, the ones that instalock and the ones that fill (we love you guys). Check out our 15 memes below and let us know your favourite!

15 League of Legends Memes Smurfs Can Relate To

1. When they insta-lock mid and feed all game. We’ve all seen that guy…

instalock mid reaction

2. When they get first blood and you get that sign of hope

hot damn gif

3. When they actually place wards on the map

omg gif

4. When they rage at you for denying pentakill

im watching you

5. When they flame everyone for every death because no one is good enough for them

dwight scream office

6. When they carry the whole team to victory

popcorn 3d movies

7. When they Absolutely destroy You in Lane

doge with it gif

8. “This is my smurf I am challenger really people also call me Faker”

you lie

9. When they land every skill shot known to man

wow gif

10. When they play troll support and get more kills than the ADC

not bad gif

11. After 5 minutes they have 10 kills and look really fed

get in my belly gif

12. When the Enemy Team flames your Smurf friend

league of legends haters gonna hate

13. When they don’t speak English but speak pentakill

applaud funny gif

14. When they’re impossible to kill all game

Table Flip

15. When they BM everyone in after match chat “2 EZ noobs”

rage in the eyes fire

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If you're looking for a place to find League of Legends memes then check out our twitter. We regularly post LoL related memes, jokes, tips, tricks and more. If you think we've missed any memes then let us know down below in the comments section!

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