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Which Role Should You Main In League of Legends?

Richard Heimer

13 th  February 2020

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It can be hard to find your place in the world, and just as hard to find your place on the Rift. No matter whether you’re a veteran player or a total noob, this post will help you find where you belong.

Many players get stuck in their roles because it’s the only one that they have ever played. Older players sometimes feel that if they tried to main a different role now, they would suck at it. Do not fall for this. With just a little guidance, you’ll find the role that was meant for you.

Before we go any further though, we have a quick disclaimer; You shouldn’t play a role just because someone says you should.

It doesn’t matter if they’re your best friend or a pro player, if you don’t enjoy a role, don’t play it. You also shouldn’t feel as though you have found the perfect position and that’s that.

People change, roles change. For instance, let’s say you started playing Support in season 2. If you still play Support today, you might find that it’s like wearing your favourite pair of jeans from 20 years ago.

Sure, you might still fit into them, but for many of us, they will be tight and uncomfortable. You cling onto them though, even though they should have been tossed out ages ago.

 The thing is, it’s easy to tell if your jeans don’t fit. How can you tell if you don’t fit your role? For that, we have to look at what kind of person you are.

Should You Main Top Lane in League of Legends?

league of legends top laner

The meta in top lane breaks often. You will face all kinds of weird foes. Vayne is an ADC, right? NOPE! She can go top lane if she wants, this is 2020. How about Sona? That’s right, even Supports have made their way up to this island.

Generally, you can expect to play against bruisers who hold their own in combat, and are excellent at split pushing. Two that instantly spring to mind are Fiora, and *shudders* Tryndamere. Nothing sends us into an Endless Rage quite like a backdooring Tryndamere.

As we mentioned though, top lane is a bit of a wildcard, and you can expect all sorts of shenanigans up here. One thing to keep in mind though; All of that craziness tends to stay up top.

It’s become something of a joke that top lane is an island these days, but there’s some truth to it. Rarely do Champions leave their lane, except for the odd Teleport play now and then. And what reason would they have for leaving anyway? Sure Dragon is important, but aside from that, top laners stay put and farm up.

It can be hard for top laners to hard carry games too. That’s not to say they can’t do it, but mid laners and marksmen tend to play Champions with more carry potential. It’s a lonely lane, ideal for people who enjoy playing Farming Simulator. Of course, fights do occur in the top lane, but they’re usually slow. Imagine two people whacking each other with pool noodles. Yep, that’s what it’s like. You’re hardly ever going to have more than 3 or 4 people top lane either, but that can be a blessing to some people.

If you prefer to do your own thing, without having to rely on your team too much, this is the role for you.

Maining Jungle in League of Legends

league of legends jungler

While this is not a role for the faint of heart, you can singlehandedly win games as a Jungler. First off, skip this section if you have a thin skin. You will be yelled at for losing games, for missing smite, for existing. You either need to ignore your teammates or mute them, otherwise, you’ll struggle to think, let alone play.

If you can bear having strangers yell at you on the internet, then congratulations! You can enjoy the benefits of maining Jungle. The first of these benefits is the huge impact you have on the game.

You’re responsible for making sure Baron and Dragon don’t get taken, for ganking lanes, and for providing your laners with buffs. You can play many Champions in the Jungle, but you’ll usually want to pick someone who’s both tanky, and can deal damage.

If you enjoy sneaking up on enemies and really want to feel like you matter in a game, this is the role for you. Of course, other roles matter too, but as a Jungler, you can really see the impact you have.

It’s quite a flexible role too. If you want to camp someone’s lane and break them mentally, you can do. If you want to invade the enemy Jungler and make them hate the game, you can do. You can even farm for mid game if that’s more your play style.

One other benefit to playing Jungle is that you don’t have to worry about farm! Do your reaction times make it seem like you’re lagging IRL? If so, you don’t want to have to worry about killing minions.

It’s also great if you’re a social person, as you will be dropping in on every lane regularly. Make no mistake though, the lanes you visit can turn a defeat into a victory – and you’ll want to visit all of them, as regularly as possible - which brings us to the overall point of playing as a Jungler.

This is the position to play if you enjoy micromanaging. As you don’t have to focus on last hitting, you have quite a bit of time to type, and you should type. Let your team know where the enemy Jungler is, tell the Support you want them to help you gank mid. If you tell your top laner to bait the enemy Jungler so you can take Dragon, you have a huge lead. In short, you should main Jungle if you enjoy controlling the game and chatting.

There is one final thing you should know about when it comes to Jungling, and that’s Jungle Pathing. You can read more about it here.

Maining Mid Lane in League of Legends

league of legends mid laner

Much like maining Jungle, this is the lane to be if you like feeling important – but there are a few key differences. First off, mid laners tend to be mages who deal high damage from a distance. That being said, you can also play Champions who deal damage up close, but that have plenty of escapes.

Mid lane Champions usually have a high skill ceiling. Farming as a mage during the early game can also be difficult. There are, however, many Champions that you can play mid lane, making it ideal if you want to have a large roster.

You can also roam the easiest. By coordinating ganks with your Jungler, you can singlehandedly carry a game. That sounds great, right? Well, it comes with a downside;

Mid lane is more open and gankable than other lanes, and you will get ganked. This is even truer if you’re playing Champions like Malzahar, Kassadin, or Diana. All of these mages are extremely popular right now, and they all have no escapes before level 6. Malzahar doesn’t even get an escape at all!

If you think you’re observant enough to always notice the enemy jungler tip-toeing toward you, then you might have found your main role. All that’s left to do now is sit back, farm up, and make plays.

Fortunately, mid laners have one of the easiest times making plays! They will usually hit level 6 before the bot lane, giving them much greater kill potential. Not to mention that their kits seem built around flashy plays. Land a snare with Lux, and it’s all over for your foes.

As with Jungle, working with your team will make securing victory much easier. You can’t just sit on your own until late game like the top laner can.

Should You Main Support In League of Legends?

league of legends support

Another role that requires a certain kind of person to enjoy it. Support mains tend to be quite patient, and don’t mind sitting in the shadow of their Marksman. You won’t get the kills (unless you’re Pyke) and you won’t get the glory. That doesn’t matter to a Support main though, they’re here for the Victory.

As a Support, you’re in charge of keeping your team alive. If you’re a nurturing person who loves seeing your friends doing well, Support might be for you. Few people will notice you peeling the enemy bruiser like a banana. They won’t notice your clutch shields and heals either, but you will, and for a Support player, that’s enough.

You might think that people hate playing Support due to ego, and while that is often the case, there are other reasons. Playing Support means putting a lot of trust in someone else, especially if you enjoy heal Supports. There’s also a bit of instant gratification going on.

Would you rather have a free five dollars now, or ten dollars in ten years? The same applies in League of Legends. As an ADC, you get a kill, followed by a hit of dopamine. You don’t get that as a Support. Sure, the vision from your ward might win you the game in two minutes, but it’s not the same. Healing is as useful as dealing damage, but you don’t get that immediate sense of accomplishment.

Not to mention that some see Support as a useless role. They think Supports do no damage and can’t carry. They see them only as ward/heal/stun bots that offer nothing to the game. This is likely coming from a place of ignorance. It might have been true was true in the past, but times have changed.

If you really enjoy helping people and like having high utility, this is the role for you. Honestly, there are few things better than saving someone with a well times Nami bubble – getting someone out of a tight spot with a Thresh lantern feels good too, if they remember to click it.

Should You Main Marksman In League of Legends?

league of legends marksman

As a Marksman, your role is relatively simple. Stay alive, and deal damage – sorry, let us rephrase that – it seems relatively simple on the surface.

Being a good ADC requires effort that you might not notice straight away. In order to deal damage and not die, you have to keep yourself at a safe distance from the enemy team. You must be able to kite, know when to move forward, and know how to farm. Seriously, farming is a massive part of being a Marksman.

During the early stages of the game, you’re essentially a baby. It’s daddy Braums job to look after you while you beef up for the late game. You’ll pay him back by looking after him once he’s old and frail.

This early game dependence on your Support might make the role of ADC seem a little crap, but hear us out; Late game, you’re the most vital player in the field.

If League of Legends was chess, then the Marksman would without a doubt be the Queen. That’s a lot of power and a lot of pressure. If you like being important but don’t want to complicate things, ADC is a role you should consider.

That’s not to say that this is a simple role, but it is a little simpler than others. Your goal is to farm and occasionally poke, you don’t need to roam, or ward, or teleport bot lane. All you have to do is just reach late game without dying too much.

You also have a fairly strict roster to choose from, so if you’re not someone who cares about dipping into every Champion, you should try ADC.

While Marksman aren’t in a bad spot right now, Riot do have a history of gutting them. You can find out more about this here.

Hopefully, this helps newer players find a role that fits them, but what if you’re an older player? By playing a new position, you risk your LP. Sure, you could play normal games, but you won’t learn much from them, and you don’t want to end up in Bronze.

We offer a wide range of smurf accounts, ranging from Iron to Diamond – or higher. Many of our accounts come with plenty of rare skins too, giving you a little something to show off.

Even if you don’t want to pick up a smurf right now, we suggest you try a different role anyway. You don’t want to spend your entire LoL career in a role that doesn’t make you as happy as a different one could.

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