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Why Cloud Gaming Services Are The Next Big Thing

Richard Heimer

29 th  November 2018

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“Cloud gaming” is a buzzword you’ve probably heard a lot in recent years. Surprisingly, not too many people know what it is - That’s going to change very soon though.

Are you tired of spending countless paychecks on improving your hardware, just so you stand a chance of winning games? If so, then this post is for you.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

playstation now logo cloud gaming services

Since you’re on the internet, you’ve likely been on Youtube. Using a cloud gaming service is not so different! You play your favourite games, but instead of a console or a PC, you’re using a super server.

This server on the other end receives your controller input, plays the game for you, and then sends you the footage! Think of it like ordinary gaming, only with a reaaaally long controller cable.

Only a few things are necessary to get started with cloud gaming services.

  • A decent internet connection
    If your PC struggles to run Runescape, then it could be time for an upgrade.
  • A PC or Controller

They don’t have to be of high quality, but without one, you have no way of telling the server what you want to do!

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to play your favorite AAA titles all day! And, it can be done from most machines – even your mobile in some cases!

You will find yourself enjoying low latency and high frame rates in no time at all!

It’s easy to see why this can save you plenty of money on hardware, but most cloud gaming services don’t even require you to purchase games!

They usually require a monthly subscription, which gains you instant access to a whole host of games! We really do mean instant access too.

You can say goodbye to download times bringing you down, and those irritating installations too! The server will handle it all!

Best Cloud Gaming Services!

Now that you understand why Cloud Gaming is growing into a massive phenomenon, you’re probably interested In finding out more about cloud gaming services – and their price tags.

PlayStation Now

playstation now logo cloud gaming services

That’s right, Playstation have their very own cloud gaming service! PlayStation Now is very well priced, considering all the goodies you get. Even if you own a powerful PC, you can still benefit from it.

For only $19.99 per month, or $44.99 per three months, you can play all those games you couldn’t play on your PC.

This means PS3 and PS4 games, exclusives included! God of War, Detroit Become Human, and the critically acclaimed Spiderman 2! All these could be yours.

As is usual with consoles, they struggle to reach the performance of a powerful PC; there’s still good reason to use PlayStation Now though. If your friends have been teasing you over your inability to play God of War, why not check it out?

Parsec Cloud Gaming

parsec cloud logo gaming services

One of the major selling points for Parsec is the world of multiplayer opportunities it opens up. You can join tons of multiplayer games with friends – and the game doesn’t even need to have online multiplayer either!

Parsec also offers a unique feature that allows you to “pass the controller” to a friend. Perfect if you’re struggling to get past a level, or want to take it in turns!

If it wasn’t clear before, Parsec truly wants to bring gamers together, they even have a dedicated matchmaking service for all their game! This allows you to quickly jump in and start playing, even if none of your friends are online.

Parsec is particularly good for people who don’t have much time to play. The reason for this is because their pricing works a little differently from PlayStation Now, and here’s how;

With Parsec, you don’t pay a subscription fee. You simply pay $0.65 per hour of gaming, plus $6 a month for storage. If you’re not connected to their services, then you’re not considered to be using their system. This is one to consider if you’re a fan of pay as you go services!

GeForce Now

geforce now logo cloud gaming services

We’ve got some brilliant news for Mac gamers – you can now connect to GeForce Now using your Mac, meaning that you can now run all those games that you struggled with before!

Plus, GeForce Now is currently in beta, and the beta just so happens to be completely free! Of course, there might be a bit of a wait to get in, but it will definitely be worth it.

So far, the graphics are great, the video quality is high, and the latency is low. Due to this, it’s received excellent reviews, but the list of reasons that make it so good doesn’t end there.

A single account enables AAA gaming across all devices, Macs, PC’s and more! Plus, let’s not forget about the huge selection of games that it opens up to you.

Currently, GeForce Now boasts a collection of 400 top games, and they’ll probably be adding more.

Vortex Gaming

vortex lol cloud gaming services

This company describes itself as “The Netflix of Gaming”, and that’s a pretty accurate description.

For $9,99 a month, you receive full access to their entire library – an absolute bargain!

N matter what kind of games you like to play, you’ll find something here. Civilization 6, Rise of The Tomb Raider and much more can all be found here!

Additionally, Vortex also offers a ping test. This ensures that you don’t waste money purchasing a service that your internet can’t cope with.

And, perhaps the best part yet, Vortex has League of Legends as an available game. This means that you can no longer blame your toaster of a PC for getting you stuck in Bronze!

It’s easy to see that gamers are moving from an ownership model to an access model when it comes to their hardware.

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