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Black Alistar Skin

Black Alistar skin is an exceptionally rare skin that was one of the first skins ever to be released back in 2009.

The skin itself was bundled with pre-orders of the League of Legends collector's edition before it was released. From pre-order statistics it’s estimated that around 65,000 people received this skin back in 2009. Today League of Legends has over 60 million active monthly accounts, so less than 1% of players actually own this skin.

The skin itself features Alistar as a black minotaur with snapped restraints looking like he’s just broken free from jail. Compared to the original Alistar skin the colours have been changed to a much darker theme with only the golden hair standing out.

All the animations, particles and sounds are the same as the original skin as all of Alistar's skills are fairly basic. Since it was one of the first Alistar skins it’s not that surprising there are no changes to the animations or sounds.

This skin was never available in the store as it was included as a thank you to people who preordered the collector's edition of the game. Back when it was first released the skin came on a card you needed to redeem to enable it on your account. Players would often sell these codes online and prices would reach as high as $400+ just for this skin.

Currently this skin is no longer available as Riot disabled skin redemption for certain codes back in 2014. There is no indication that this skin will be returning to the store so the only way to obtain this skin is to buy an account with it already redeemed. If you’re looking for the Black Alistar skin we have a few of these accounts available for purchase below.

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Black Alistar Skin Video

As with all of our rare League of Legends skins we've included a video of this skin which was made by the people over at Skin Spotlight.

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