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Boneclaw Shyvana Skin Information And Accounts

Boneclaw Shyvana Lol Skin

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Boneclaw Shyvana Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 520 RP
Concept Shyvana as a shaman and Shaman dragon
Model New model for both forms
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 01/11/2011

Boneclaw Shyvana is a common skin that was released in November 2011.

Inspired by the character B. Skull Dragon from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, Boneclaw Shyvana features Shyvana as a tribal warrior covered in bones both on her hands and head.

Boneclaw Shyvana has plenty of model and texture changes which means she looks completely different in both her human and dragon form. In her human form Shyvana is dressed like a tribal warrior and wears a large headpiece with bones on either side. When she transforms into her dragon form, she now turns into a brown dragon with a white head and eyes glowing with fire. Talk about scary!

Unfortunately, the skin features no new particles, animations or sound effects, but for the price, it’s not really that surprising. If you really want a skin with all the added bells and whistles, then this is definitely not for you.

If Boneclaw Shyvana takes your fancy, then you’ll be pleased to know that the skin is still available in the Riot store for only 520 RP. Talk about a bargain! If you’re fed up of Shyvana's default skin and fancy a change without blowing the bank, then this skin is a perfect choice.

Boneclaw Shyvana Images

Boneclaw Shyvana League of Legends skin
League of Legends Boneclaw Shyvana abilities
boneclaw shyvana dragon form

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