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Heartseeker Quinn Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Quinn as Cupid ready to spread the love around summoners rift
Model New model and new textures
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and abilities
Sounds New sounds for auto attacks
Rarity common
Release date 02/02/2017

Heartseeker Quinn is a common skin that was released in February 2017.

Released as part of the 2017 Valentine's day celebrations, the skin was inspired by the Greek legend Cupid, the God of desire. Heartseeker Quinn also shares the same Valentine’s day skin theme with the following champions:

  • Heartseeker Ashe
  • Heartseeker Lucian
  • Heartseeker Orianna
  • Heartseeker Varus
  • Heartseeker Vayne

Heartseeker Quinn features a brand-new model where Quinn has been completely transformed into a true love bird! With her very bright new outfit, Quinn is ready to spread the love all over summoners rift. The outfit features golden wings on her back and a new golden crossbow to match the theme. Quinn also has had a hair makeover and now dons bright pink hair which really stands out.

Continuing with the Valentine's day theme, the skin also has new particles for all of Quinn's auto attacks and abilities. Every time she fires her crossbow she now fires golden arrows of love to her enemies. In addition to the particles changes, Valor has also been changed into a white bird, most likely referencing a dove. When using her ultimate Behind Enemy Lines, Valor appears as a large white bird and carries Quinn around with him.

The skin includes a new recall animation where Quinn summons a love heart swing from the sky and swings on it while Valor flies around before she teleports back to base.

Heartseeker Quinn also contains plenty of new sounds for her abilities and recall animation.

If you’re love-struck after seeing this skin, then we don’t blame you! Currently available in the Riot store for 975 RP if you want to brighten up summoners rift then this is the perfect skin. Be sure to get hold of it before it’s removed forever.

Heartseeker Quinn Images

Heartseeker Quinn League of Legends Skin
Heartseeker Quinn Ultimate
Heartseeker Quinn Auto
Heartseeker Quinn Vision

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