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Hyena Warwick Skin Information And Accounts

Hyena Warwick Lol Skin

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Hyena Warwick Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 975 RP
Concept Warwick as a post-apocalyptic Hyena
Model New mode changes
Particles New smokey particles on abilities
Animations New laugh animation
Sounds New laugh sound effect
Rarity common
Release date 05/12/2011

Given that the name of this skin is “Hyena Warwick” there’s one particular thing that you’d expect it to do well. That’s right, you can’t have a Hyena skin without an obnoxious laugh, and this skin fully meets our expectations.

Hyena Warwick’s laugh is a guttural guffaw, one that will definitely tilt your opponents if you spam it enough; Disclaimer, it may also tilt your teammates, so be wary of that. His new gritty outfit looks pretty epic too – any guesses as to where it drew its inspiration from?

Anyone who’s played Mad Max will see the similarities, more specifically Mad Max: Fury Road. His splash art, in particular, makes this obvious.

First off, we have the googles. They’re a classic part of Mad Max, as is the desert landscape and DIY vehicles – although, we can see Piltover Customs Blitzcrank off to the right, and another rickety automobile toward the left.

When Hyena Warwick activates Blood Hunt, his engine goes into overdrive and shoots flames from the exhaust. Black smoke streams behind him as he barrels toward his prey – Honestly, if you thought a Werewolf charging at you was scary, they have nothing on this mechanically enhanced Hyena.

His fur is now a tan colour with brown spots, although it would be odd if he was titled “Hyena Warwick” but looked nothing like a Hyena. That being said, there is something about this skin that looks somewhat out of place.

No, not the engine – although that is a little unusual. Hyena Warwick has had his mane jelled up into a fiery mohawk, that while fitting the post-apocalyptic theme, does look out of place for a Hyena. Still, it adds some much-needed fun flair to the skin.

As mentioned before, he does have a new laugh, but that laugh also comes with a new animation! Hyena Warwick now bounces around and slams the ground, cackling all the while. Real Hyena’s only laughed like this when they feel afraid, excited or frustrated – and given Warwick's personality, it’s safe to say that he is feeling one or more of these emotions at all times.

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