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Kitty Cat Katarina Skin Information And Accounts

Kitty Cat Katarina Lol Skin

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Kitty Cat Katarina Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Katarina wearing a revealing cat costume.
Model New model changes featuring kitty ears and a tail.
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 18/10/2010

Kitty Cat Katarina. One of Noxus’ most lethal assassins comes dressed in a racy outfit, complete with cat ears and a fluffy tail!

Most of the skins released around Harrowing seem to have a similar theme. They are either spooky (Such as Haunting Nocturne, Headless Hecarim and Zombie Ryze.) Or silly (Definitely not Blitzcrank, Headmistress Fiora and Bewitching Nidalee.) This is a skin that falls firmly into the ‘silly’ category and it’s great because of that!

Kitty Cat Katarina was released during the 2010 Harrowing event for 975 RP, once the event ended however so did the ability to purchase the skin, making it extremely rare and sought after. Many petitions got a lot of attention from League players asking for the skins return!

Eventually, Riot listened to our pleas and Kitty Cat Katarina was returned to the store as a legacy skin. Whilst the skin can still be obtained from mystery gifts and Hextech chests, it will not include the vintage border.

Only the coolest of cats own that border as they obtained the skin back in 2010! Buying an account that has the skin unlocked is the only way to grab this rare skin now.

In the original splash art for Kitty Cat Katarina she was a brunette with brown eyes. This was later replaced with blue eyes and her classic wine coloured hair. Oh and her tail became a lot fluffier!

The updated version also has a clear shot of the city in the background. However it also manages to maintain the dark and foggy atmosphere that is present in most of her other skins. And, if you look closely, there’s a cute kitty silhouette smiling down from the moon!

It’s definitely something to consider picking up if you love the sillier side some skins have to offer!

Kitty Cat Katarina Images

Kitty Cat Katarina Skin
Kitty Cat Katarina LoL Skin
Kitty Cat Katarina Ultimate

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