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Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Skin Information And Accounts

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Lol Skin

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Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Caitlyn in a colorful Lunar outfit
Model Model changes and new textures including a new headpiece and weapon
Particles New particles for her auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New sounds for her abilities, auto attacks and recall
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 27/01/2016

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn is a legacy skin that was released in January 2016.

Released as part of the 2016 Lunar Revel, Caitlyn's outfit was inspired by the canceled champion Ao Shin. The splash art for the skin shows Morgana & Caitlyn together in their colorful Lunar outfits. Lunar Wraith Caitlyn shares the same theme with Lunar Wraith Morgana which was also released at the same time.

The skin itself features Caitlyn in a new colorful outfit with a new texture and lots of model changes such as a new blue headpiece and a golden gun. The overall color theme for the skin is blue, gold and red as Caitlyn is now wearing blue wrist armor and a blue split dress.

Instead of her usual bullets, there are new blue particles included for all of her auto attacks and basic abilities. In addition to this there are also new sound effects included for her auto attacks and abilities which match the theme.

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn also includes a new recall animation were Caitlyn’s hands starts to glow blue as she teleports herself back to the base. The new recall animation also features a new sound effect were Caitlyn makes some strange noises before teleporting back.

Upon its initial release, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn cost 1350 RP in store before it was removed a few weeks later.

As of today the Lunar Wraith Caitlyn skin is no longer available in store. The only way to get this skin is by buying an account with the skin already enabled. If you’re looking to add this colorful skin to your collection then luckily you still can! Check out our accounts below that all have the skin enabled.

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Images

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn League of Legends
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn Attack
Lunar Wraith caitlyn trap
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn League of Legends Ultimate

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