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Nightraven Fiora Skin Information And Accounts

Nightraven Fiora Lol Skin

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Nightraven Fiora Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 750 RP
Concept Fiora as a dark haired assassin
Model New model changes
Particles New minor particles on her passive
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 29/02/2012

Nightraven Fiora is one of those skins that seems pretty bland to begin with, but has a lot going for it when you dig beneath the surface – especially when you take into account the reasonable price tag!

In game, she dashes around with a crimson cape flowing after her, her armor is elegantly hewn out of dark iron and trimmed with silver, while her raven hair is cut to accentuate her facial features

While there aren’t many animation changes to speak of, there is a minor one that makes all the difference;

Whenever Nightraven Fiora strikes an enemies vial point, a burst of feathers now erupts from them. In Fiora’s default skin, it’s shards of glass instead. This little change is easy to miss in a hectic teamfight, but it fits the “raven” theme well.

Nightraven Fiora looks a tad different in her splash art, definitely more menacing.

Now perched upon a statue of a stone bird, Fiora has added a streak of white to her hair, and now has a red glint to her eyes. Off to her left, a bird in might flight can be seen, and judging from the flecks of glass that fall all around her, it looks as though she’s just crashed out of a window and into the night.

Released back in February of 2012, this skin is available for just 750 RP! It’s perfect if you’re looking for a few changes but don’t want to commit to a big purchase. And that’s really the key selling point of this skin.

It does enough to be unique and different from the default skin, but without changing her character concept entirely – as has been done with PROJECT: Fiora, and Pool Party Fiora. No hate for those skins though, wailing on people with a wet pool noodle is oddly therapeutic.

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