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Riot Kayle Skin Information And Accounts

Riot Kayle Lol Skin

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Riot Kayle Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Kayle as a Policewoman in full Riot Gear
Model ModelModel changes and new textures including new wings and a new weapon
Particles New particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New sounds for auto attacks
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 13/08/2014

Riot Kayle is a legacy skin that was released in August 2014.

Inspired by Riot police from around the world, the skin features Kayle dressed up in full Riot gear. The splash art for the skin shows Kayle flying in the rain with her police lights flashing and her baton glowing blue with electricity. Riot Kayle shares the same Riot theme with Riot Graves, Riot K-9 Nasus and Riot Squad Singed.

The skin includes several model changes including a new baton, new wings a new helmet and police lights on each of her shoulders.

The skin includes several new particles for her auto attacks and abilities, such as the projectile for Reckoning has been changed into a red bolt. When Kalye uses her Righteous Fury ability her baton starts to glow blue and her police lights turn on.

Riot Kayle also includes a new recall animation where drones appear and start to circle Kayle before she teleports back to base. To complete the skin there are also several new sounds included such as when she activates Righteous Fury she will also turn her sirens on.

Upon it’s release the skin was available in store for 975 RP for a limited time before it was removed and put in the legacy vault.

The skin was gifted to all players who played a game with a certain time period to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends. Plays also received a special Poro birthday icon and the champion Kayle if not already owned. If the player already owned Kayle then they received a random mystery gift instead.

If you didn’t manage to get the skin during the 10-year anniversary event then don’t dismay you can still own the skin! Luckily, we have plenty of accounts in stock with it enabled, simply click below to browse our range of accounts available.

Riot Kayle Images

Riot Kayle League of Legends Skin
Riot Kayle on hit
Riot Kayle Ultimate
Riot Kayle Heal

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