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Silver Kayle Skin Information And Accounts

Silver Kayle Lol Skin

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Silver Kayle Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price Included in pre-order of League of Legends Digital collector's edition for free
Concept Kayle covered in silver armor with a silver sword
Model Same model but recoloured with new textures to match the theme
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity ultra-rare
Release date 13/11/2009

Silver Kayle is a super rare skin that was one of the 4 collector’s edition skins released back in 2009.

Similar to the other collectors skins the Silver Kayle was a reward for purchasing the collector's edition of the game. It’s estimated that around 65,000 people received this skin back in 2009 making it less than 1% of the current LoL community.

The skin features Kayle in silver and blue armour with a matching sword and blue tinted wings. There are no new animations, sounds or particles with this skin which is consistent with the other collectors editions skins.

Silver Kayle shares the collector's edition theme with Black Alistar, Goth Annie and Human Ryze. Which were also obtained by buying the retail copy of the collector’s edition back when the game was first released.

Since then the collector's edition is no longer available to purchase. Even if you did manage to find an old copy lying around, Riot disabled the skin codes back in 2014. There is no indication that this skin will be coming to the store as it was a limited edition collector edition skin.

The only way to obtain this skin is to buy an account with it already redeemed. If you’re looking for the Silver Kayle skin then be sure to check our store below for accounts with it enabled.

Silver Kayle Images

Silver Kayle League of Legends Skin
Silver Kayle Abilities
Silver Kayle Ultimate
Silver Kayle League of Legends

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