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Rumble in the Jungle Skin Information And Accounts

Rumble in the Jungle Lol Skin

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Rumble in the Jungle Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 975 RP
Concept Rumble in a tropical mech suit
Model New texture and model
Particles New particles for an ability
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 25/04/2011

Rumble in the Jungle is an older skin, released back in April of 2011 – However, despite being around for so long, it’s undoubtedly stood the test of time!

Rumble has traded in his standard mech suit for a more tropical one – replete with bamboo legs, coconut club, and a bunch of pineapple rockets strapped to his back! Rumble's mech isn’t all that’s received a graphical update though!

The Yordle himself is dressed up for a day at the beach, with a Hawaiian t-shirt and fancy new hairdo, making him visually similar to another group of champions…

Namely, Pool Party Champions, such as Graves and Leona; some might say Rumble was in fact, the very first Pool Party Champion.

In our opinion, the skin sell for 1350 if his Flamethrower shot out water, and if Riot replaced his taser with a harpoon. Regardless, this skin was extremely innovative when it came out, and continues to be a must-have for Rumble players – Or, people who simply like collecting classic skins!

It’s worth noting that this skin only costs 975, which is an absolute steal for all the graphical changes! In fact, one of his abilities has even received a visual update!

Whenever Rumble uses his Equalizer ability, he fires out a bombardment of flaming pineapples. Definitely one to consider – however if you’re looking for skins that are a bit harder to come by, check out our vast collection of epic smurf accounts!

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