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Rusty Blitzcrank Skin Information And Accounts

Rusty Blitzcrank Lol Skin

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Rusty Blitzcrank Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price Removed from the Store after Release
Concept Blitzcrank with rusty worn out skin
Model No changes to model except the texture
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 20/11/2009

Rusty Blitzcrank is a rare skin that is currently not available in the Riot store.

Originally released on 20th November 2009 the skin was quickly removed from the store without no real explanation. It is currently the only non-legacy skin to be removed from the store. Before it was removed the skin used to cost 520 RP which was a reasonable price for the skin. The reason for this is most likely because the texture for the skin was so bad it looked almost identical to the default Blitzcrank skin.

The skin was one of the first released back in 2009 when the game first came out. It seems not a lot of effort was put into the skin as there are no new particles, animations or sounds. This is probably because Riot was focusing on making new champions instead of releasing skins for existing champions.

This skin is considered rare as not many people bought it when it was available in the store. It might not seem like a rare skin but the player base was very low when the game was first released so not many people had the chance to buy it.

The only way to obtain this skin is to buy an account with it already redeemed. If you’re looking for the Rusty Blitzcrank skin then be sure to check our store below for accounts with it enabled.

Rusty Blitzcrank Images

Rusty Blitzcrank League of Legends Skin
Rusty Blitzcrank Abilities
Rusty Blitzcrank Ultimate
Rusty Blitzcrank LoL skin

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