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Sabretusk Sejuani Skin Information And Accounts

Sabretusk Sejuani Lol Skin

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Sabretusk Sejuani Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Sejunai riding a huge boar while dressed in aboriginal armor
Model New model changes and new texture for Sejuani
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 17/01/2012

Sabretusk Sejuani is a legacy skin that was released back in January 2012.

Inspired by the Australian aboriginals, the skin features Sejuani on an enormous wild boar while wearing tradition indigenous warrior armor. Might might look like she is from the prehistoric times, but she is as deadly as ever.

Sabretusk Sejuani features several model changes include a new model for Sejuani, a new mount and a new weapon. Sejuani now wears aboriginal armor with lace sandals, a horned helmet and shoulder pads made out of wood. She also wears traditional native clothing including leather wrist bracers and gloves. Her mount has been swapped for a large wild boar with 2 giant tusks on the front. Her ice mace has also been changed into a huge log full of deadly sharp spikes. She might have downgraded her weapons and armor to ancient equivalents, but she can still put up a fight!

The skin features no new particles, animations or sounds as they are all the same as the default skin. Although it would have been nice to have new particles and animations, the current ones match the skin very well so it isn’t really an issue.

As of today this skin is no longer available in the store and and has been moved to the legacy vaults. Originally sold for 975 RP if you really want to add this unique warrior skin to your collection then you still can. Scroll down to see our collection of accounts with Sabretusk Sejuani enabled.

Sabretusk Sejuani Images

Sabretusk Sejuani
Sabretusk Sejuani league of legends skin
Sabretusk Sejuani LoL
Sabretusk Sejuani Ultimate

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