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Spirit Fire Brand Skin Information And Accounts

Spirit Fire Brand Lol Skin

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Spirit Fire Brand Skin Information

Availability Available in store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Brand as an eerie Shaman
Model New model changes
Particles New particles for auto-attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New sounds for abilities, auto-attacks and recall
Rarity common
Release date 21/10/2015

Spirit Fire Brand sees this powerful pyromancer transformed into an undead Shaman, or at least, that’s the impression we’re getting.

His splash art differs from Riots usual style in that it’s an incredibly close up shot. Spirit Fire Brand stands with his arms raised in searing agony as blue vapour escapes his mouth. It’s so close up, that we can clearly see the sheen of his teeth, along with the eye sockets behind his shamanic headpiece.

There’s not really any background to speak of, given the amounts of energy radiating from him and how close up we are to what’s left of his face. Still, the piece serves its purpose admirably,

In-game, his flames are a dull purple, possibly due to being infused with magic from the dark plane where Spirit Fire Brand draws his energy – we assume its dark, based on the way the tiny spirits who dwell there interact with Brand;

Whenever Brand recalls, he summons up three purple spirits that are just floating heads with clawed hands and toothy grins. Two of them clutch at Brands struggling arms, while the third shoves him down into the abyss. From this, we could infer that Brand is not willing and that his body is being puppeted to some degree by these demons.

The ghostly outline of one of these spirits can be seen rising out of Spirit Fire Brands Pillar of Flame, perhaps implying that he’s helping them escape into the material plane.

His dance also features a spirit, which rises up out of the purple hole that replaces regular Brands campfire, and the two dance together. Despite the creepy nature of this skin, their dance is pretty cute.

All his abilities have received a bluish, purple glow, and they’ve got new sound effects to boot! The change is subtle, but there’s a definite eerie sound to all of them now.

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