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Star Guardian Ahri Skin Information And Accounts

Star Guardian Ahri Lol Skin

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Star Guardian Ahri Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 1820 RP
Concept Ahri as a pink tailed Star Guardian
Model New model changes, including glittery tails and a new orb
Particles New particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New emote animations, as well as her recall, homeguard movement, and some abilities
Sounds New voice overs with additional quotes for recall, respawn, start of match, autoattacks and more
Rarity common
Release date 06/09/2017

Star Guardian Ahri is a Legendary skin that can currently be picked up in the Riot store.

Released on September 6th 2017, Star Guardian Ahri is one of 10 other Star Guardians, with more likely to be released soon!  You can find this skin sitting in the store right now, with a price tag of 1820 RP.

That might seem steep for a skin, but with all the impressive bells and whistles it comes with, it’s definitely worth it. Pretty much everything about this skin has been transformed – new animations, sounds, particles, and Ahri’s orb has turned into a hamster ball for some magical rodent.

As with all Star Guardian skins, Star Guardian Ahri looks like she’s been rolled in glitter and stardust. The bright animations are reminiscent of pixelated Arcade skin animations, but they’re just different enough to be unique.

One of the main features of this skin is Ahri’s new floating companion, Kiko, who joins in almost all of Ahri’s emotes – including her death animation, where Ahri disappears into a burst of pink mist -  leaving Kiko to sit mourning alone.

It’s clear that this skin has been lovingly crafted, with almost everything having been tweaked. It’s overflowing with personality, making it a must-have for Ahri mains!

BUY Star Guardian Ahri Skin

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