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Popstar Ahri Skin Information And Accounts

Popstar Ahri Lol Skin

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Popstar Ahri Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Ahri as a K-Pop Popstar
Model New model with hat and accessories
Particles New particles for tail, orb, auto-attack and abilities
Animations New animations for dance and recall
Sounds New sound for Orb of Deception and recall
Rarity common
Release date 25/11/2013

Popstar Ahri is a common skin that was released in 2013.

The skin is currently available in the store for 975 RP and has been available in the store since 2013.

In this skin Ahri has been changed into a Korean style popstar and has had slight model changes including a new hat, outfit and textures. Her tails have also been changed to pink to match the K-pop theme. The particles for the skin have been changed and include a new orb, tail particles, and particles for all her abilities and autoattacks.

In addition to the particle and texture changes the skin also features new animations for her dance and recall. To finish off the whole theme new sounds have also been included for her orb of deception spell and recall animation.

The skin is a reference to the K-Pop band Girls Generation. Her outfit, artwork background, dance and recall animations are influenced by the band's single “Genie”. A side by side comparison of Ahri’s dance can be seen here.

There is also two hidden easter eggs included with this skin which is not very well known. The first east egg is that if Ahri dances near the Blue Sentinel the sentinel will dance back. A lesser well known easter egg is that if Ahri dances near an enemy Ahri a phonetic symbol will be shown on the enemy Ahri’s orb. Any Ahri skin can trigger this effect as long as they are standing close enough together, but be warned dancing with the enemy might not be as easy as it sounds.

If you’re looking to buy the Popstar Ahri skin then it is currently available in the Riot store now for 975 RP. Simply head over there and add the skin to your account.

Popstar Ahri Images

Popstar Ahri Skin
Popstar Ahri E
Popstar Ahri Recall
Popstar Ahri Ultimate

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