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Worldbreaker Nasus Skin Information And Accounts

Worldbreaker Nasus Lol Skin

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Worldbreaker Nasus Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 720 RP
Concept Nasus as an Aztec God
Model No new model changes
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 10/11/2016

Worldbreaker Nasus is a common skin that was released in November 2016.

This skin is clearly inspired by the Mayan civilization – his armour, headpiece and staff all appear to be plucked directly from their culture.

It may have been better to release this skin back in 2012 when everyone was freaking out about the Mayan apocalypse; however, it’s still a great skin – especially for only 720 RP!

The splash art for this skin is fairly apocalyptic too. Worldbreaker Nasus sends what looks like Sun Goddess Karma flying from an Aztec Pyramid as his ethereal claw reaches out to grasp her.

There is also a centaur in the background that is almost definitely Worldbreaker Hecarim. It’s the little splash art details like this that really up the value of skins in our opinion.

Visually, it’s quite pleasing on the eye, and is affordable to boot! The colour combination of blue, purple and gold blend well together. Plus, his staff is far more eye-catching than his regular staff. Probably due to the Aztec face that dominates it.

Some people might not pick Worldbreaker Nasus up purely because of its lack of animation changes, but those people are basing their decision purely on the fact that there are no animation changes.

Granted, a couple of different colours thrown into the abilities would have been nice, we still think that this skin is excellent! However, if you’re looking for a skin that’s a little harder to get, then we strongly recommend that you check out our store.

We have a wide array of skins on selection, skins that haven’t been available for an extremely long time. Included amongst these skins is Black Alistar and King Rammus. These skins were only available to those who preordered the game, and those who were around in Beta, respectively.

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