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Riot K-9 Nasus Skin Information And Accounts

Riot K-9 Nasus Lol Skin

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Riot K-9 Nasus Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Nasus as a K-9 Police dog
Model New model and new textures for armor and weapon
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 17/08/2011

Riot K-9 Nasus is a legacy skin that was released in August 2011.

Originally given out to attendees at Gamescom 2011, all visitors received a coupon to redeem the skin in game. Since then, these coupons have been disabled by Riot so it is no longer possible to redeem this skin via the coupon.

The skin is inspired by the internationally used Police dog and is equipped with full body armor. Riot K-9 Nasus also shares the same theme with Riot Blitzcrank, Riot Graves, Riot Kayle and Riot Squad Singed.

Riot K-9 Nasus has many model changes and a new texture which greatly changes his appearance. He is now fully equipped with body armor and a new baton to whack any pesky non-compliant champions in the top lane. If anyone steps out of line, Nasus will be there.

Aside from the obvious visual model changes, the skin does not feature any new particles, animations or sounds. This is primarily due to the skin being very old, after all it was released in 2011 when the game was still relatively new.

As mentioned before, the skin was given out for free at the Gamescom 2011 event, and all visitors could redeem the code if they entered it in game. In 2014 Riot disabled all coupon codes which means this skin is now no longer available and can only be obtained by buying an account with the skin enabled. If you want to scare everyone away with the big bad dog that is Nasus, then you’ll definitely want this skin.

Riot K-9 Nasus Images

Riot Nasus Skin
Riot K-9 Nasus Skin
Riot K-9 Nasus Abilities

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