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Before You Buy a LoL Account From PlayerAuctions

Richard Heimer

17 th  November 2022

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It's important to understand that PlayerAuctions is a marketplace not a specialist store. This distinction is crucial since PlayerAuctions just serves as a mediator and provides security throughout the trade. You are really buying from a third-party vendor rather than through PlayerAuctions. This implies that after the transaction is done, you are at the mercy of the seller.

Before you buy from a new vendor, check out our other guidelines in the before you buy series to ensure you're making a well-informed decision:

What To Look For When Buying A Lol Account On PlayerAuctions:

Because of what we just discussed, the single most critical factor to examine is WHO is selling the account to you. We've previously established that it's not PlayerAuctions, but rather some random individual you've never met. The rating is the only sign of trustworthiness.

The image below depicts a seller's profile page. As you can see, you are never provided with complete information on the vendor. You cannot read entire reviews, and even worse, you cannot filter the reviews by game. How are you made to assume that the merchant is trustworthy? They left out one essential limitation, which is that you can only review quickly after purchasing and you cannot edit your review! As a result, only a small percentage of purchasers who are unsatisfied immediately after purchasing will leave a bad review.

PlayersAuctions Review matters

Unfortunately, this is the only factor you can review before purchasing, and we are unable to provide any advice on how to ensure the security of your transaction on PlayerAuctions.

A Critical Thing To Know Before You Buy An Account From PlayerAuctions:

If you want to buy a League of Legends account, you usually want to receive it right away. You don't want to wait a few hours or days before beginning to grind on Fresh MMR. As a result, quick delivery is an important factor of the account purchasing experience.

If a seller accepts this option, PlayerAuctions advertises instant delivery. Unfortunately, this is rarely, if ever, the case. When you register on the website, you will be asked for your true name, address, and a variety of other important details. The registration process is a little lengthy, but reasonable. What you will shortly discover after making your purchase is that the information you have provided is insufficient.

The buying process on PlayerAuctions

  1. You pick an account from one of the Sellers (Make sure to choose one with a lot of positive reviews)
  2. I chose a 5$ smurf, the account is obviously botted, but it’s just a test for me I know the account will get banned soon.
  3. You are asked to register you will have to go through captcha twice + phone verification
  4. You get to the payment window suddenly the 5$ price is 6$.
  5. PlayersAuctions Checkout issues
  6. For me google payment got bugged I had to go back and choose a different payment method
  7. PlayersAuctions Payment issues
  8. After going back and choosing different payment option I have to “verify my credit card”
  9. PlayersAuctions Card verification
  10. You are asked for your credit card information second time now
  11. PlayersAuctions Second card verification
  12. You thought you are getting instant delivery? Well too bad now you need to wait for your payment verification this is a different payment verification much more secure. It makes little to no sense to me.
  13. PlayersAuctions Delivery
  14. After 30 minutes the delivery has still not happened. Usually if your payment is not verified within the first 30-60 minutes you will have to go through manual verification where you will be asked to take a picture where your face and your government issued ID is visible. This is neither secure nor fast. We also have serious doubts how such sensitive data is stored and secured.
  15. PlayersAuctions ID verification PlayersAuctions Personal details PlayersAuctions Card details

You need to go over 10 different steps, redact and upload 4 different photos to get your account. I would say this process easily takes little over an hour at best. Compare that to delivery in UnrankedSmurfs where the account is delivered within under 1 minute to you, with no additional steps.

Types of accounts you can buy on PlayersAuctions

The process of buying is tough, but what’s even more questionable is the fact you can’t know for sure what product will be delivered. Most of the accounts delivered from marketplace like this are low quality bot accounts that are banned within 3-7 days after the purchase. Afterwards getting a refund or replacement is extremely hard.

Not sure what hand leveled account is? Read our short overview below.

Hand-leveled Accounts

A hand-leveled account is an account that has been leveled by an actual player instead of a bot. This means that the player has manually played the account to increase its level and rank. Hand leveling is a popular way to get ahead in the game, as it can save you a lot of time and effort. However, it can also be expensive. If you're looking for a hand leveled account, be sure to check out our marketplace. UnrankedSmurfs is the only legitimate provider of hand-leveled accounts.

Botted Accounts

A botted account is an account that has been leveled by a bot rather than an actual player. This means that the bot has been used to automatically raise the level and rank of the account. Botted accounts are popular among players since they are so cheap. However, it is quite dangerous for you to buy one since the chances of you getting banned are almost guaranteed. Learn how to recognize botted accounts here.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Lol Account On PlayerAuctions:

The only advantage we can think of for purchasing an account on PlayerAuctions is the low cost. However, skimming on an account might cause you to lose more money than you save. Any progress or RP earned on the account will be permanently lost if the account is banned. This might happen days or years after your purchase, so you can never be completely protected.

The disadvantages of purchasing a League of Legends account on PlayerAuctions include the possibility of being banned from the game and being duped by a dishonest vendor. The buying process is also quite long and tedious, therefore we wouldn't recommend PlayerAuctions if you need a quick and high-quality account.

Are There Good Quality Accounts On PlayerAuctions?

While high-quality accounts may be found on PlayerAuctions, the most majority are not worth your time or money. This is because the vast majority of accounts for sale on the site are botted. This means that if you purchase one, you will almost probably be banned from the game. As a result, proceed with caution before engaging in any transactions.

On PlayersAuctions, there's a possibility you'll locate an honest seller and get a high-quality account for a reasonable price. However, we do not recommend trusting a complete stranger who would face no penalties if they stole from you.

How To Buy League Account From PlayerAuctions Safely:

  1. Make sure to check the rating and reviews of the seller so you know you aren't getting scammed.
  2. Know what you're getting. Sometimes accounts are sold with skins, champions, or other in-game items included. Other times they may not be. You might be overpaying for something that is worth 10% of what they sell it for.
  3. Always be aware of the risks involved in buying an account. You could end up spending a lot of money on a botted account just to get banned.
  4. Understand the purchasing procedure and don't expect immediate delivery if you haven't purchased from it before using that specific payment option.

Importance Of Buying From Reputable Companies Instead Of Marketplaces

When you shop from a trustworthy business, you know you'll receive what you pay for. This is due to the fact that these shops will only offer items of the highest quality in order to protect their good name.

However, there is no assurance that a product purchased from a marketplace like PlayerAuctions will be of high quality. Indeed, the odds of falling victim to a con are far higher. Therefore, if you value quality above all else, you should purchase from UnrankedSmurfs rather than a marketplace like PlayerAuctions.

Why Recovery Details Are Important

The recovery details for your League of Legends account are important because they are the way that you can reset your password if you ever forget it. This is important because if you ever lose access to your account, you will need to be able to reset the password in order to regain access. If the PlayerAuctions seller has the recovery details and you don't then he can take the account right back after selling it to you.

So if you ever lose access to your account or forget your password, be sure to have the recovery details handy so you can reset it and get back into the game.

Alternative Options To PlayerAuctions For Account Purchasing

There are other ways to get hand leveled accounts, but UnrankedSmurfs is the only place that sells legitimate, hand leveled accounts. This is because we only work with certified partners who have been verified to provide high quality accounts. So you can be sure that when you buy from us, you're getting a quality product.

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