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Before you buy a lol account from elitepvpers

Alistar Smyth

29 th  November 2022

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There's a good chance that if you're looking for an account in League of Legends, you've considered purchasing an account from ElitePvPers. You should be informed of the potential downsides. Among these dangers, a big one is getting banned or having your progress lost. Is it worth it to buy an account from a forum rather than a dedicated seller? We'll weigh the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing League of Legends accounts so you can make an informed decision.

First, you need to understand the difference between professional account websites and middleman websites; the difference lies in the fact that middleman websites don’t sell you the account. These companies only participate in parts of the transaction to give you at least some safety from scammers. The middleman regulates aspects of the transaction. The bigger the controlled part, the safer the transaction is for the buyer.

Before you buy from a new vendor, check out our other guidelines in the before you buy series to ensure you're making a well-informed decision:

What To Look For When Buying A Lol Account On elitepvpers

ElitePvPers is a lower-level middleman, merely a forum where individuals make posts with what they wish to trade/sell. The forum does not collect money; it only records the fact that the deal occurred and allows both the vendor and buyer to submit a review.

So the main factors that you need to consider when it comes to ANY middleman account selling website are:

  • How do users receive reviews? Can it be faked?
  • Rating of the seller
  • If something goes wrong, what can the middleman do for me?

How do users receive reviews on ElitePvPers?

After each successful trade, you can leave a rating of +1, neutral, or -1. Both the vendor and the buyer can evaluate each other. Because the website does not monitor whether or not a monetary transaction occurred, you may simply falsify your rating with no money involved. It's also fairly frequent for individuals to sell their forum accounts to dishonest fraudsters, so even a perfect rating doesn't ensure the transaction's safety.

To summarize, the rating is the sole characteristic that can be used to pick out dishonest merchants, but it should be used with caution.

How to find an honest seller?

To discover sellers, go to the black market thread of the game you're interested in. We'll presume you're seeking a League of Legends account for our purposes, so let's check out ElitePvPers' League of Legends Black Market forum.

You should see something like this.

Example of how Black Market on ElitePvPers look

The green, black, and red figures represent the seller's positive, neutral, and negative reviews. To determine if the reviews are real, click on the offer and go to his thread.

Pay close attention to the yellow-coloured fields. The Black Market rating, which represents the number of reviews the user has, is the most crucial aspect.

Example of sale thread on ElitePvpers

The second significant aspect is the appreciation acquired from participating in the forum. It does not tell you anything in particular, but it is an important issue to consider.

When you click on The Black Market, you'll be taken to a more extensive look at the reviews. You may then click on favourable or bad reviews to discover what was sold and when. It's nice that ElitePvPers offers that, but because there is no money to back up the transaction's authenticity, you never know if it's legitimate or not.

Take note of the user's number of mediations. If the number is more than zero, proceed with caution.

Example of sellers profile page on ElitePvPers

You have been scammed what can ElitePvPers do for you?

The most key question to ask in every marketplace is, "What can the middleman website do for you?" It's not much when it comes to ElitePvPers. They do not take payment; thus, your money was transferred directly to the vendor. You have no choice but to post a bad review. Unfortunately, the only thing ElitePvPers can do when it comes to apparent scams is to ban them. However, because there is no verification for users, it is simple to avoid the ban.

Types of accounts you can buy on PlayersAuctions

The buying process is tough, but what’s even more questionable is that you can’t know for sure what product will be delivered. Most of the accounts delivered from marketplaces like this are low-quality bot accounts that are banned within 3-7 days after the purchase. Afterwards, getting a refund or replacement is extremely hard.

Not sure what hand leveled account is? Read our short overview below.

Hand-leveled Accounts

A hand-leveled account is an account that has been leveled by an actual player instead of a bot. This means that the player has manually played the account to increase its level and rank. Hand leveling is a popular way to get ahead in the game, as it can save you a lot of time and effort. However, it can also be expensive. If you're looking for a hand leveled account, be sure to check out our marketplace. UnrankedSmurfs is the only legitimate provider of hand-leveled accounts. Learn more about hand leveled accounts.

Botted Accounts

A botted account is an account that has been leveled by a bot rather than an actual player. This means that the bot has been used to automatically raise the level and rank of the account. Botted accounts are popular among players since they are so cheap. However, it is quite dangerous for you to buy one since the chances of you getting banned are almost guaranteed. Learn how to recognize botted accounts here.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Lol Account On elitepvpers

The primary benefit of purchasing from ElitePvPers is the inexpensive cost of the account. If you're lucky, you might be able to snag a great price there. You have to consider buying from vendors or people there for a one-time transaction. Buying from the latter is certain to earn you a better deal, but the danger of being scammed is considerably larger.

Whatever alternative you select, be cautious of the disadvantages of purchasing from there, which is an incredibly low level of transaction security. To make a purchase, you must either pay money directly to the vendor or utilize a designated intermediary who will take a large percentage of the overall amount. Furthermore, after the transaction is completed, you will be unable to make a complaint or get your money back in any manner.

There is no motivation for vendors to maintain high-quality supplied goods because they may start another forum account at any moment.

Are There Good Quality Accounts On elitepvpers?

The vast majority of accounts sold on ElitePvPers are botted accounts. Small sellers primarily deal with these; occasionally, hand leveled accounts might be found in their offerings, but this is uncommon, and the account is extremely likely to be recovered.

On the opposite end of the scale, there are legitimate one-time vendors who frequently offer high-quality accounts for low costs. However, because they are unlikely to have ever sold anything before, it is difficult to distinguish them from scammers. Most of the accounts available in this manner are from the EUW server.

The conclusion is that there are high-quality accounts on ElitePvPers forums, but it's difficult to confirm that ahead of time. Furthermore, you are quite likely to be scammed or receive a botted account.

How To Buy League Account From elitepvpers Safely

Because of the factors stated above, making good recommendations is quite difficult. Since it is simple to fake reviews, there is nothing concrete to go over in terms of establishing the seller's authenticity. Our major piece of advice is to not be too focused on the account you purchase. If you acquire at least 2-3 accounts from one-time sellers, one of them will most likely survive and become your new main. This may wind up costing more than simply purchasing an account from a trusted source.

Essentially, purchasing from ElitePvPers is like playing roulette: you have a chance to receive a fantastic deal, but you are far more likely to lose your money. We would advise you not to buy there if you are not a gambler. Especially if you are not from EUW.

Importance Of Buying From Reputable Companies Instead Of Marketplaces

You know you'll receive what you pay for when you shop from a trustworthy business. This is due to the fact that these shops will only offer items of the highest quality in order to protect their good name.

However, there is no assurance that a product purchased from a marketplace like PlayerAuctions will be of high quality. Indeed, the odds of falling victim to a con are far higher. Therefore, if you value quality above all else, you should purchase from UnrankedSmurfs rather than a marketplace like PlayerAuctions.

Why Recovery Details Are Important

The recovery details for your League of Legends account are important because they are the way that you can reset your password if you ever forget it. This is important because if you ever lose access to your account, you will need to be able to reset the password in order to regain access. If the PlayerAuctions seller has the recovery details and you don't, then he can take the account right back after selling it to you.

So if you ever lose access to your account or forget your password, be sure to have the recovery details handy so you can reset it and get back into the game.

Alternative Options To PlayerAuctions For Account Purchasing

There are other ways to get hand leveled accounts, but UnrankedSmurfs is the only place that sells legitimate, hand leveled accounts. This is because we only work with certified partners who have been verified to provide high quality accounts. So you can be sure that you're getting a quality product when you buy from us.

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