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What is a botted LoL account?

Alistar Smyth

13 th  November 2022

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Botted account, as the name suggests, is an account that has been levelled by a bot via the usage of a third-party program. These programs basically play for the player. Of course, it’s a far cry from how a human would play, and it’s easy to spot a bot if you somehow get one in your game. Despite the shortcomings, botting accounts is common to save time.

How much can botted accounts cost

Botted accounts are usually cheap due to the low amount of effort required to make one. The price can go as low as a couple of dollars for an account. There is another good reason for such a low price point; the ban rate for botted accounts is high.

There may be folklore surrounding the issue and one-off stories of accounts not being banned for years; however, the truth of the matter is a botted account is always at risk of a ban. So it’s ill-advised to have one as the main account.

Where to buy botted accounts

With a quick google search, you can find a myriad of websites that sell botted accounts. We at Unranked Smurfs, however, do not sell these. We only sell hand-levelled accounts. They may be a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth having peace of mind knowing your account is safe.

Why is it important to NOT buy Botted accounts

We are avid opponents of botted accounts. As these are subpar accounts that are very likely to leave the customer disappointed. So why is it important to avoid purchasing botted accounts? Well, here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Botted accounts can get banned at any point in time, seemingly randomly. Riot Games is famous for having ban waves. What exactly they do is largely unknown besides the fact a vast amount of botted accounts get banned, as well as those using scripts. And that’s not all. It takes just one manual report from a tilted player for your account to be investigated and instantly banned.
  2. If you get banned, you will lose your TIME and PROGRESS
    League of Legends' progression system is a way to track your success as a player. There will always be a trace of your activity on a given account.
    • Whether you pay for premium currency or not, you will acquire Blue Essence to unlock your perfect roster of champions.
    • You'll need to spend real cash on Riot Points if you want to get your hands on the game's glistening collectable items.
    • If you are competitive and want to show off your skill to your friends and foes, you'll want to play ranked games and work your way up the ranks.
    Just by playing the game, your account will evolve to reflect your new levels and abilities. Now picture this: in an effort to "save" money, you decide to buy a cheaper botted account. Sooner or later, you will unlock new content on your account or buy RP, let's say you bought 100$ in Riot Points. Suddenly your account gets banned Without an account and have lost $100 in Riot Points, you are back at square one. Moreover, you have lost all of your previous progress. The worst thing is that this may happen YEARS after you bought your account, meaning you'll never be truly secure since you skimped and just spent $5 on a low-quality "smurf."
  3. Not suitable for the main account. Botted accounts are not well suited, due to the reason stated above, for the main account. If you are planning to do a grand climb up the ladder or want to invest some money into the account, you are better off getting a hand-levelled one. In one fell swoop, you could lose all your progress: your RP, your rank, and most importantly, the time you have invested.
  4. The companies selling them are shady. Last but not least, the sellers of botted accounts are often not the most honourable people. They will often flake on their obligations and won’t uphold their end of the bargain. And to make matters worse, they, knowing the account can get banned at any moment in time, give you only 3 to 7 days of warranty. While we at Unranked Smurfs offer a lifetime warranty.

How to tell if your account is botted

Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling if an account is botted or not for sure, especially if it’s a well-made bot. Most botted accounts are played in Co-op vs AI games, and these accounts will heavily feature those. Obvious bots will have terrible KDA, unorthodox builds, and subpar rune and summoner spell choices. Good bots, however, will often have none of the above.

If there are any Normal games or Arams played, and the scores and builds seem to be decent, then it is most likely a hand-levelled account. Unfortunately, we cannot offer better ways of telling if an account is botted. Sadly most hand levellers play CooP vs AI, and it might be difficult or impossible to distinguish between a skilled leveller and a very good bot. This is why it’s important to buy from a reputable seller like us.

The only good indicator of the source of the account is its price. NO ONE will sell you a hand-leveled account for 5$, it’s an investment of about 100 hours. So selling it at this price is just impossible to be economically viable.

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