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The Best League of Legends Starter Champions 2018

Richard Heimer

17 th  January 2018

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When you first log in to League of Legends, it can be very exciting. The first thing you want to do is get on the battlefield and slay some noobs! However, with over 130 different champions to choose from, knowing which champion to play first can be hard.

To help you on your League of Legends journey, we’re looking at the best League of Legends champions for beginners in 2018. Over the years many champions have been reworked and changed, but some are still perfect for new players. If you’ve just signed up to LoL and have no idea who you should be playing, then take a read of this. Here are the best League of Legends starting champions for beginners.

League of Legends Starter Champions

Alistar - FREE


The first League of Legends champion for beginners on our list is Alistar. This crazy cow is exceptionally easy to use as he doesn't have any tricky skill shots, confusing abilities or hard to master gameplay. Instead, Alistar has a range of simple abilities that are simply point and click. Often played as a support champion, Alistar provides players with heals, stuns and excellent crowd control. Mastering Alistar is a must do if you’re planning on maining the support role.

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Kayle - 450IP, 260RP


Kayle is another great champion for beginners as her skill set is relatively simple to use and doesn't have any skill shots in her arsenal. A great fighter champion, Kayle can be played in a range of different lanes and also makes an excellent support champion. Most of her abilities rely on hovering over targets and clicking them. This is great for new players as it doesn’t require them to do anything overly complicated. Combine this with the fact that she only costs 450 IP and any new League of Legends player can easily save up enough influence points to purchase her, she’s an excellent champion for new players.

Best LoL Champions For Kills

Warwick - 450IP, 260RP


If you’re new to League of Legends but want to hunt down your enemies in game, then there’s no better beginner champion than Warwick. This turbocharged werewolf has plenty of tricks up his sleeve which allow him to crowd control enemies, chase down injured players and unleash his wrath upon an unlucky individual. Just like most of the other beginner champions, Warwick has no skill shots which means it’s impossible to miss.

Simply hover over the target you want to kill and spam your abilities, it’s as easy as that! In addition to his deadly skills, Warwick also has an excellent ultimate that is one of the easiest to use in game. Selecting an enemy will cause Warwick to jump out and suppress the target, stopping them from moving or running away. This makes Warwick an incredibly easy champion to play. Available in the store for just 450 IP or 260 RP, you really don’t have an excuse not to own this champ.

Garen - FREE


Another great champion for getting lots of kills on the battlefield is Garen. This simple to play champion has no mana which means you don’t have to ever worry about running out. Instead, the hardest thing you have to worry about is his cooldowns and making sure you time them right.

Garen’s passive also makes him a lot more enjoyable to play as players don’t have to worry about going back to base. Since Garen’s passive regenerates his health while out of combat, if a player ever finds themselves on low HP then they simply have to hide in a bush or wait. This can save a lot of time compared to teleporting back to base. Garen’s ultimate is also a blessing for new players as it allows them to one bomb many champions. Simply select the target and press R to win, is it hard enough for you? Combine this with his no mana and outstanding passive, as you can see, Garen is a great champion for beginners.

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Master Yi - 450IP, 260RP

master yi

If you really want to rack up a lot of kills in game then nobody does it better than Master Yi. This champion has everything required for new beginners, incredible damage, the ability to heal himself and an ultimate that sends him into a master of chaos. With no skill shots or targeting abilities required, new players can enjoy League of Legends by simply pressing Q. When things start to get tough they can just hide in a bush and heal themselves before running out with their ultimate. Available in store for only 450 IP, Master Yi is a must have for every new League of Legends player.

Best Beginner ADCs

Ashe - 450IP, 260RP


When it comes to playing ADC, Ashe is an excellent choice for beginners. Not only does she have a really long range for her auto attacks, but her passive also slows down enemies making them easier to kite, or chase after. In addition to this, Ashe also has the ability to charge up her attacks and unleash extra damage if required. Her Ranger’s Focus grants Ashe bonus attack speed for 4 seconds which can be a real game-changer in a team battle. The hardest spell Ashe has in her arsenal is most definitely her ultimate. For new players, it can be hard to know when to use it and how to aim it, but with experience, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Available in the store for a low price of 450 IP, Ashe is an excellent ADC choice for every new player.

Sivir - 450IP, 260RP


Another great ADC champion for new players has to be Sivir. Available for a low price of 450 IP from the Riot Store, Sivir is a highly mobile champion that is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. Her Ricochet ability is perfect for beginners as it automatically targets enemies and bounces from target to target causing maximum damage. The hardest skill players will have to master is the Boomerang Blade which is a tricky skill shot.

Another useful skill Sivir has in her skillset is Spell Shield; this ability can often save the player from many tricky situations. In addition to this is also gives Sivir a mana refund upon every successful block. Her ultimate is also a great boost for everyone on her team and learning to use it at the right time will come important when you start to play other champions. Sivir might not be the easier ADC to play, but she can definitely cause a lot of damage in the right hands.

Tristana - FREE


The final champion on our best beginner ADCs section is Tristana. This small but deadly Yordle packs a serious punch when it comes to dealing damage. After all, she is armed with a booster cannon! Unlike other ADC’s Tristana has no skill shots and all of her spells involve hovering over the enemy and clicking. Her Rapid Fire ability allows Tristana to unleash crazy amounts of damage in a short period of time, while her Rocket Jump also allows her to escape from any trouble. Since Tristana can be redeemed for free by following a special link, it’s clear to see why she's one of the best ADC champions for beginners.

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