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The Top 10 Best League of Legends Champions (April 2020)

Richard Heimer

17 th  March 2020

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The Top 10 Best League of Legends Champions (April 2020)

If you want to climb the LoL ranked ladder and impress your friends, then we have one major tip for you; Play the best Champions. Of course, what’s ‘best’ changes from person to person, but there are some Champions that stand above the rest.

What’s best also depends on how experienced you are at a role. This is why we’re suggesting 2 Champions for each role. To kick things off, let’s start with the top lane.

The best LoL Champions For Top Lane

league of legends garen best top laner

On the lonely island that is top, you will usually find Champions with incredible beefiness, paired with boatloads of damage. Usually, the top laner is a designated tanks, but this is 2020. The modern age. These days, you can find anything from Soraka to Vayne sitting top lane.

For Beginners – Garen

Early game, Garen is like a baby. A small, sword-swinging baby. He doesn’t have a lot of damage and has absolutely no ranged abilities. That’s fine, though; you don’t need to fight.

Garen has excellent sustain thanks to his passive, and once he reaches mid-game, he enters God mode. Sure, his damage isn’t as high as an Assassin, but if you ask us, it’s even more terrifying. Why? Because you can’t ignore Garen. If he decides he’s going to spin to win his way over to your ADC, you’re in trouble. After all, you can’t just leave him to rip your marksman apart.

He’s often too tanky to focus down though, and that ultimate of his; true damage is no laughing matter. Don’t be surprised to find that Garen cuts through your tank like carving a cake.

For Veterans – Vladimir

For most of LoL’s history, top lane has been home to AD tanks, but there’s been a couple of notable exceptions; Rumble’s ultimate has won countless games in the competitive scenes, along with the purple Pikachu wannabe; Kennen.

Vladimir is one of those rare, yet insanely powerful top laners. If you search for “battlemage” in the dictionary, it will be covered in blood – because Vladimir is already on you, it’s too late now, it’s over. You belong to him.

In good hands, this blood bending battle-master always gets the drop on foes. He then destroys them all before turning into a puddle of blood and slipping away. A well-played Vladimir just has a way of getting under your enemies skin – learn to use your Q and E correctly, and you’ll be tilting foes in no time.

The Best LoL Champions For Jungle

league of legends amumu best jungler

When deciding which LoL Champions are the best, we have to consider which have the highest carry potential. We want Junglers that can gank hard early game, but don’t’ grow weak as the game goes on.

For Beginners – Amumu

Flashing into a wall and buying the wrong item are both pretty embarrassing, but they’re nothing compared to dying at Raptors. Luckily for you, Amumu won’t have this issue, thanks to his excellent wave clear. All you have to do is go around spamming E – it’s no wonder he’s always crying; everything just dies around him.

His W is based off the enemies HP too, which means it doesn’t matter how much health they have, they’re going to suffer. On top of that, ganking with him is super easy. All you have to do is aim, hit Q, then walk away once your target dies. Then there’s his ultimate;

 The ability to stun the entire enemy team for 2 seconds is huge. Never underestimate it.

For Veterans – Lee Sin

Although he’s hard to master, you’ll get a lot out of Lee Sin. One of the trickiest tricks he has is the Insec – this involves dashing in front of an enemy then using your ultimate to kick them back into your team.

This ability to dance around the battlefield and disrupt the enemy team makes Lee Sin invaluable. His awesomeness doesn’t end there though. The best Lee sins can clear camps and invade the enemy Jungle with ease. He does fall off a little late game, but your enemies should have surrendered long before that.

The Best LoL Champions For Mid Lane

league of legends lux best mid laner

Mid lane is the most sought after role for a reason. Not only do you get to deal insane amounts of damage, but your ganking potential is huge! It’s not all about ganks and flashy plays though.

Are you someone that enjoys the long game? If you like starting off slow and then turning into a beast late game, this is one of the 2 best roles for it.

For Beginners – Lux

Yes, Lux has a lot of skill shots. You have no doubt heard that skill shot champions are harder, which while true, isn’t all there is to it. The Lady of Light excels at locking down enemies – look, if you miss your binding don’t even worry about it. You can still hit the person hiding behind your target.

That target that you accidentally hit? That could have a huge impact. The person behind the enemy tank is usually quite squishy, and the ability to lock them down is vital. Plus, you can easily follow it up with a laser to the face. There is just one key skill you need to understand before looking to play Lux;

Patience is everything. If you fire off your combo too soon, you might find yourself getting aced. If, however, you wait until the team fight has started, you will have no problem making game-changing plays.

For Veterans – Akali

If you want to play someone who has the true theme of a Ninja, then Akali is a must buy. In her toolkit, she has a smoke bomb that lets her dodge towers shots. She has a jump that lets her bounce around the battlefield. And, she has daggers that slow her mark, which makes sending them back to base a breeze. The downside to all this?

Early game, she’s a walking punching bag. Farming is tricky when you’re not a ranged Champion, and your opponent is sure to take advantage of this. You need to know how to survive the rough laning phase, but once you hit 6, that’s when the fun begins.

As annoying as it was for you to sit and suffer early on, it’ll be much worse for your opponent. Late game Akali is a beast, but you have to be tilt-proof to get there.

The Best LoL Marksmen

The role of Marksman requires an insane amount of positioning. Everyone will be out to kill you, and a single misstep can cost you the game. This sounds like a terrible role to play, but hear us out;

If LoL was Chess, then you would be the best piece - the Queen. While you are at risk of being targeted, you can also deal the most damage. While we recommend duoing with a good Support, solo queue is manageable, so long as you play as one of the best Marksmen!

league of legends caitlyn best marksman

For Beginners – Caitlyn

Caitlyn has the longest range in League of Legends – Sure, Kog’Maw and Tristana outrange her, but they rely on an ability/reaching late game.

As we mentioned, while discussing Akali, long range makes it easier for you to harass the enemies. It also makes you safer, as you don’t have to get too close. Positioning? Who needs that when you have a high-calibre sniper rifle.

As a Marksman, you also want to have a blink or dash ability. Caitlyn has that in the form of her net, which also comes with a pretty hefty slow. If that still isn’t enough, drop down some traps to cover your escape. You really can’t go wrong!

For Veterans – Jhin

If it’s your first time playing Jhin and you don’t run out of ammo and die, did you even play Jhin? “Four” is a big thing in Jhin’s lore, but it can be annoying in-game. You need to time your shots just right so that you deal maximum damage, but don’t end up running low on ammo.

Jhin pairs well with Champions like Leona, because she makes it easy to chain CC a target, while also dealing tons of damage. Just make sure Leona takes ignite because heals can ruin Jhin’s day – A Soraka can turn a quick slaughter into a long battle. This means Jhin will need to reload, which means he might die.

Jhin doesn’t have any escape either, so you require good positioning in order to survive. If you can master him, however, Jhin is one of the best Champions in League of Legends.

The Best LoL Supports

league of legends yuumi best support

If you enjoy enabling people to make the incredible plays, then Support is the role for you. A good Support can make or break a team, but not as many players enjoy the role.

We suspect that this is because they can’t make the flashy “Haha, 1v9” plays as Support, but who knows. Anyway, here’s the best Support Champions for you to consider!

For Beginners – Yuumi

Sit on your ADC, poke with your Q, watch the map for ganks. That’s it, that’s all there is to Yuumi. This simplicity is what makes her one of the best Champions in LoL, but some might find her boring.

If you’re the kind of person that loves annoying your enemies though, then Yummi is wonderful. Why not give her a try? You have nothing to lose, after all.

For Veterans – Pyke

What makes Pyke so powerful is his ability to share gold with other players. This is also what makes him one of the most fun supports.

You can get all the kills your want, and your ADC will be just as powerful. You can build damage items, assassinate your enemy carries, and then rush back to your marksman’s side to peel for him. The issue with Pyke is that he’s not too easy.

Your ultimate lands in a large X shape, which is quite thin. If you’re not careful, you might end up missing it altogether. Landing your hook can also be difficult, and it’s hard for newer players to know when to go in as Pyke. Too many times, we’ve seen people jump face-first into the enemy team, only to die instantly.

If you’ve been around for some time and what to branch out into Support, then Pyke is the top pick right now! If you’re unsure which role fits your personality the best, then be sure to visit our guide.

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