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Blood Moon Thresh Skin Information And Accounts

Blood Moon Thresh Lol Skin

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Blood Moon Thresh Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price Was 975 RP
Concept Thresh as a Japanese Shinigami who harvests souls from his enemies
Model New model changes including new texture, scythe and lantern
Particles New red particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New recall sounds
Rarity common
Release date 08/01/2015

Blood Moon Thresh is a common skin that was released in 2015.

The skin is a reference to Japanese culture and includes features from the Kabuki theater and Shinigami. He also shares the skin theme with Akali, Elise, Kalista, Kennen, Shen Yasuo and Zilean.

The skin is currently available in store for 975 RP and has been since it’s release in January 2015.

The skin itself features Thresh as a Japanese soul harvester and has several model changes. The most obvious one is that his face has been changed to a Japanese style mask with white hair and red horns, making him look truly terrifying. To match the theme his armour has also been changed into traditional Japanese style armour similar to that of a Samurai Warrior.

His lantern has been changed from his old green one to a new red one that fits in with the theme. His scythe has also had a makeover with a texture and slight model change.

Blood Moon Thresh also includes a new recall animation. The new recall animation features Thresh performing a spiritual ritual while he is teleported back to base.

All the particles for his spells and abilities have been changed to match the overall red theme. His ultimate ability now creates walls of red while his scythe turns red when thrown.

The skin also features some new sound effects but they are only for his new recall.

If you want to get the Blood Moon Thresh skin then be sure to purchase him in store before it’s too late! If you really want to scare your opponents then be sure to team up with other champions of the same skin.

Blood Moon Thresh Images

Blood Moon Thresh
Blood Moon Thresh LoLSkin
Blood Moon Thresh Lantern
Blood Moon Thresh Ultimate

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