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Championship Thresh Skin Information And Accounts

Championship Thresh Lol Skin

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Championship Thresh Skin Information

Availability Not Available In Store
Price Was 975 RP
Concept Thresh as a blue armoured ghost spectre
Model New model changes including new texture, scythe and lantern
Particles New blue particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New recall sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 04/10/2013

Championship Thresh is a legendary skin released back in 2013.

The skin was released to celebrate the end of the season 3 and the 2013 League of Legends World Championship. Thresh also shares the same championship skin theme with Kalista, Riven and Shyvana.

The skin was originally released in the store for a limited time for 975 RP. Since then the skin has been removed from the store and is no longer available. Every year there is a new championship skin released to celebrate the end of the season. So far it has been Riven (2012), Thresh (2013), Shyvana (2014) and Kalista (2015).

The skin itself has many references to the lucky number 3. After all, the skin was released to celebrate the end of season 3. The first reference is that Thresh’s robes are split into 3 tails while the top of his lantern is also split into 3 parts. There is also a hidden roman numeral on his back which represents the number 3.

The skin features Thresh as a blue spectre and his model and particles have been changed to match the colour blue.

Thresh also has a new recall animation where he summons a podium from beneath his feet. The skin also includes new sound animations for his recall.

Unfortunately the skin is not available in the Riot store anymore as like every other Championship skin they are only available for a limited time. If you are looking to get the Championship Thresh skin then the only way is to buy an account with it already redeemed. Lucky for you we have some League of Legends accounts with Championship Thresh enabled.

To view accounts with Championship Thresh redeemed be sure to check out our collection below.

Championship Thresh SpeedView Video

Championship Thresh Images

Championship Thresh
Championship Thresh Hook
Championship Thresh Lantern
Championship Thresh Ultimate

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