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Battle Boss Malzahar Skin Information And Accounts

Battle Boss Malzahar Lol Skin

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Battle Boss Malzahar Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 1350 RP
Concept Malzahar as an arcade battle boss
Model New texture and model
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and movement
Sounds New sounds for spells and abilities
Rarity common
Release date 15/08/2017

Battle Boss Malzahar is a common skin that was released in August 2017.

The skin features Malzahar as an evil video game boss who is ready make your life a misery. Unlike his default skin, Battle Boss Malzahar is a lot more colorful and is full of cool effects and visuals. Battle Boss Malzahar also shares the same theme with:

The skin itself has a stunning visual makeover, and Malzahar now floats in a sphere of geometric lines and drawings. He also has a new jagged head and shoulder piece which are very distinctive from the rest of his model.

All of Malzahar's particles have also been changed so that he now fires sharp pixel particles and his Malefic Visions ability now leaves a cool binary effect around the target. His ultimate ability now unleashes a dark hole beneath the target and causes insane amounts of damage.

Battle Boss Malzahar also features a brand new recall animation where Malzahar summons a black hole on the floor, and all of his voidlings jump in.

Overall this is a very unique Malzahar skin and will definitely grab the attention of other players on the rift.

Battle Boss Malzahar is currently available in store for 1350 RP along with all the rest of the Battle Boss skins. If you want to be the final boss to your nexus then make sure you buy this skin before it’s too late.

Battle Boss Malzahar Skin Images

Battle Boss Malzahar Skin
Battle Boss Malzahar Crabs
Battle Boss Malzahar League of Legends skin
Battle Boss Malzahar Ultimate

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