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Championship Riven 2016 Skin Information And Accounts

Championship Riven 2016 Lol Skin

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Championship Riven 2016 Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Blue obsidian sword with valor armour and the Roman numeral II to represent LCS 2012
Model New model with new sword, armour and hair colour
Particles New particles for all skills including ultimate
Animations New recall animation
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity common
Release date 01/10/2016

Championship Riven has made a long awaited return back to the Riot store. The skin is currently available in store for 975 RP. If you’re thinking of buying it then you definitely should. The original Championship Riven skin was one of the most sought after skins and people have been begging Riot to bring it back for years.

Now their prayers have been answered. The Championship Riven 2016 skin allows players who don't own the original to buy an almost identical version from the store.

For those who already own the original Championship Riven skin from back in 2012 don’t feel like Riot has betrayed you. Everyone who owns the original Championship Riven skin will be getting special new additions including a unique vintage loading screen, the 2016 skin and in-game addition of a crown.

The old skin has also been revamped with a few changes including a brighter sword and a new ultimate visual.

To summarise, there are now 2 versions of the skin;

The first is the original version named Championship Riven and was obtained back in 2012 as the end of Season 2 reward. All players who own this skin will receive a unique loading screen, vintage summoner icon, the new 2016 skin and a new crown.

The second version is named Championship Riven 2016 and is currently available to buy in the store now. The skin does not include any extras like the original Championship Riven skin does but just be happy that you own the skin!

Championship Riven Images

Championship Riven 2016 Skin
Championship Riven 2016 LoL skin
Championship Riven 2016 Skin Abilities
Championship Riven 2016 League of Legends

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