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Championship Skins Information

League Of Legends Championship Skins List


How To Get Championship Skins

Championship skins are rare skins that are released every year during the League of Legends World Championship. So far there have been 6 different Championship skins released since the Season 2 World Championship.

During the World Championship period which is often near the end of the year from September to November, the Championship skins are available to purchase in store. This gives players plenty of time to buy the skin and add it to their collection if they wish. Once the World Championship has finished, the skin is removed from the store and instantly becomes a legacy skin. This makes all Championship skins somewhat rare with some of them such as Championship Riven becoming extremely rare and popular.

If for whatever reason you didn’t buy a skin before it was removed from the store, then the only way to get it is by buying an account. Luckily, we have plenty of Championship skins in store so if you didn’t manage to get a skin then don’t worry.

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How Rare Are Championship Skins

Championship skins vary in rarity depending on the release date and the skin itself. Currently, the rarest Championship skin is most definitely Championship Riven. Due to it being the first skin released from the collection back in 2012, many players have paid hundreds of dollars for the chance to own this rare skin. Although other skins such as Championship Thresh are also rare, nothing compares to the popularity of Championship Riven. Here are all of the Championship skins which have been released over the years.

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Championship Riven

Championship Riven was the first Championship skin released to celebrate the 2012 World Championships. Anyone who purchased a ticket to the World Championship finals received a free code to redeem on their account. Players who didn’t attend the event could buy it in the Riot store for 975 RP during the duration of the event.

The skin features Riven wearing a blue crown and bright blue Obsidian armor. She also has the number 2 roman numeral on her back to mark the Season 2 World Championship. The skin also includes new particles for all of her abilities and a brand new recall animation. Since its release Championship Riven has consistently been one of rarest and most popular skins in the game.

How To Get Championship Riven

After being removed from the store once the 2012 World Championship was over, the only way to get Championship Riven added to your account was by winning the 2015 Worlds Pick’em. Due to its difficulty, only 1 person out of thousands of entries managed to win it. As of today the only way to get the skin is by buying an account with it already enabled.

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Season 3: Championship Thresh

Championship Thresh was the second Championship skin to be released to celebrate the 2013 World Championships. Originally released for a limited time in the store for 975 RP, the skin was removed shortly after and became a legacy skin.

The skin itself features Thresh as a blue specter and has many changes including a new texture and model. There are many references to number 3 throughout the skin including his robe splitting into 3 tails while having the roman numeral 3 on his back. In addition to this, the skin also includes new sound effects and a new recall animation.

How To Get Championship Thresh

After the 2013 World Championships, Championship Thresh was removed from the store and is currently no longer available. If you want to add this awesome skin to your collection, then you need to purchase an account with it enabled. Check out our range of accounts with Championship Thresh below.

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Season 4: Championship Shyvana

The third Championship skin to be released was Championship Shyvana which was released back in 2014. Like the other Championship skins, this skin was available in store for 975 RP during the 2014 World Championships.

The skin gives Shyvana a complete visual makeover as she now has a brand new blue texture that includes a blue crystal gem. Her dragon form has also been transformed to include blue armor which is certainly an impressive sight. In addition to this, there are also several new particles included in both forms for her spells and abilities.

How To Get Championship Shyvana

Since being removed from the store after the 2014 World Championships, Championship Shyvana has not been available in game. If you want to add this skin to your collection, then the only way is by purchasing an account with it enabled. Discover all of our League of Legends account with it enabled below.

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Season 5: Championship Kalista

Released in 2015, Championship Kalista is the fourth skin from the Championship collection. Originally available in the Riot store during the 2014 World Championships, the skin has since been removed and is now a legacy skin.

The skin features Kalista wearing blue armor with gold trim around the edges. The new texture also includes a special helmet with a blue gem encrusted gem on the top. In addition to this, the skin also features brand new particles and animations just like most of the other Championship skins.

How To Get Championship Kalista

Currently, the only way to get Championship Kalista is by buying an account with it already redeemed. Since the skin was only available in store for a limited time, anyone who didn't managed to buy the skin will have to buy an account. Check out all of our available accounts with the skin enabled below.

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Season 6: Championship Zed

The most recent Championship skin, Championship Zed was released to celebrate the 2016 World Championships event. Since that event has passed, the skin has since been removed from the store.

Championship Zed features a brand new blue texture that matches the rest of the Championship skins. His armor has been changed to bright blue plates with a blue gem encrusted on his right dagger. The skin also features a brand new recall animation where Zed sits on a throne before teleporting back to base. To complete the theme, the skin also has new particles and sound effects.

How To Get Championship Zed

After the end of the 2016 World Championships, Championship Zed was removed from the store permanently. As the skin is no longer available today, the only way to get the skin is by buying an account with it already redeemed. Be sure to check out all of our Championship Zed accounts below.

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Season 6: Championship Riven 2016

Released at the same time as Championship Zed, a modified version of Championship Riven was also released. This skin was based on the original skin that was released in 2012 but had some minor changes that made it stand out. Unlike the original skin, this version doesn’t include a crown and other visuals are slightly duller compared to the original.

For players who weren't around in 2012 this was a great chance to grab a quality skin. Although it will never be as popular as the original Championship Riven skin, this is a great alternative.

How To Get Championship Riven 2016

The Championship Riven 2016 skin was available during the 2016 World Championship but is currently no longer available in store. Browse all of our Championship Riven 2016 accounts below.

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Are Championship Skins Coming Back

Although there are currently no plans for any Championship skins to return in the future, in the past certain skins have been brought back to the store. The most notable Championship skin that came back to the store was Championship Riven 2016 which we covered above. Based on the previous history of the skins it looks like that was just a one off event, and there are no future plans to bring any other Championship skins back.

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Accounts With Championship Skins