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Eternum Cassiopeia Skin Information And Accounts

Eternum Cassiopeia Lol Skin

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Eternum Cassiopeia Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Cassiopeia as a fierce armor plated molten alien
Model New model and textures
Particles New sparkling crimson particles for her entire skillset
Animations New recall animatin
Sounds New alien-tech sounds
Rarity common
Release date 13/09/2017

Eternum Cassiopeia is a common skin that was released in September 2017.

The skin features Cassiopeia as a hi-tech alien covered in shining metal armor and an eye catching new texture. Her default green has been replaced with a bright pink and purple alien texture. Eternum Cassiopeia also shares the same theme with:

  • Eternum Nocturne
  • Eternum Rek’Sai

The skin itself features Cassiopeia as a deadly alien that is completely kitted out with high tech battle armor, similar to the XCOM Series. She also has a huge ruby encrusted on the top of her headpiece is rumored to grant her unstoppable power. The rest of her texture has also been changed to include a new a new bright pink skin texture that really stands out from her other skins.

In addition to the new texture and model changes, Cassiopeia also has plenty of new particles included with the skin. All of her abilities now fire purple particles that match the skin theme really well. Combine these new particles with the new alien sound effects, and this skin is extremely impressive. There are also brand new voice overs that Cassiopeia says periodically when using her skills.

The skin also includes a brand new recall animation where Cassiopeia picks up a poor animal and fires her laser beam. The animal then turns into an armor coated animal while Cassiopeia teleports herself back to base.

Currently, the skin is available in store 1350 RP, but there is no knowing if or when it will be removed. If you want to grab yourself an awesome looking skin, then this one certainly ticks all the boxes.

Eternum Cassiopeia Skin Images

LoL Eternum Cassiopeia Skin
Eternum Cassiopeia League of Legends skin animations
Eternum Cassiopeia recall animation
Eternum Cassiopeia Ultimate Ability Animation

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