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Heartseeker Varus Skin Information And Accounts

Heartseeker Varus Lol Skin

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Heartseeker Varus Skin Information

Availability Not available in store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Varus dressed as the God Eros
Model New model changes
Particles New particles for his auto-attacks and abilities
Animations New recall and death animation, plus new, animated wings
Sounds New sound effects for abilities and recall, along with new voice filter
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 13/02/2015

First, we’d like to address some unfair criticism that Heartseeker Varus has received – some claim that it doesn’t work as a skin, because it is a grown-up version of Cupid, and transforming a baby into a man for the sake of a skin is ‘weird.’

In our opinion, they’re wide of the mark. Firstly, this skin is clearly based on Cupids earlier incarnation, an adult man named Eros – who also happened to be the Greek God of love. The Grecian columns that border Heartseeker Varus’ splash art suggests this, as does the outfit he’s wearing.

Besides, it might not be that strange if he is an older version of Cupid – after all, Lulu and Zoe are ancient women in the bodies of children, and adult Cupid pales in comparison.

We can see why many might think of Cupid when they see this skin though, not only does he have seraphic wings that actually flutter about, but he also shoots arrows tipped with heart-shaped heads. The cotton candy clouds of his splash art really help sell this too;

They almost make up the entirety of the background, with a patch of blue sky clear in the background and several lone, heart-shaped wisps of cloud.

Heartseeker Varus gingerly draws his bow, one eye sparking with a pink discharge of energy.

Overall, this splash art is pleasant enough, despite not having a particularly interesting background.

In-game, we get a new recall animation to enjoy! Heartseeker Varus flutters upwards, letting an arrow fly – well, we say ‘fly’ when it actually travels about 10 inches before flopping pitifully to the ground.

Heartseeker Varus’ Blight Stacks are now gold-rimmed love hearts, and his hail of arrows litters the ground with roses, which of course are accompanied by soft harp music. That’s not all though!

Most of his abilities are now a vibrant pink colour, and he’s even received a new voice filter – because having him sound like a demon would somewhat shatter our immersion.

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