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Heartseeker Ashe Skin Information And Accounts

Heartseeker Ashe Lol Skin

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Heartseeker Ashe Skin Information

Availability Available in Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Ashe as Cupid
Model New Model Changes including new textures and abilities.
Particles New red particles for auto attacks and abilities
Animations New recall animation
Sounds New tinkling sounds for her abilities when firing arrows
Rarity common
Release date 14/02/2014

Heartseeker Ashe is a common skin that was released back in 2014.

The skin was released to celebrate Valentine's Day and is a reference to cupid as he fires his bow and arrow to make people fall in love. Ashe also shares the same skin theme with Orianna, Varus and Vayne.

The skin is currently available in store for 975 RP but it is unknown how long the skin will remain available.

The skin itself features Ashe dressed in a cupid styled outfit ready to fire her bow and spread the love around summoner’s rift. The skin includes several model changes such as her bow has been changed to a pink and gold version with matching pink arrows. Ashe’s armour and outfit has also been changed to include a pink heart hat and colourful red outfit.

All the particles for Ashe’s spells and abilities have also been changed to match the cupid theme. She now fires pink and gold arrows just like cupid himself. Her ultimate ability has also been changed to a huge pink arrow instead of the normal blue frost one.

In addition to the particle and models changes the skin also features new animations. Her recall animation has been changed and she now summons a large chair shaped in a love heart that she sits on while teleporting back.

There are also new sounds included with the skin such as every time she fires her arrows there is a new tinkling sound.

The skin is currently available in store today so if you want to spread the love then be sure to get this skin.

Heartseeker Ashe Images

Heartseeker Ashe League of Legends
League of Legends Skin Heartseeker Ashe Abilities
Heartseeker Ashe Hawkshot
Heartseeker Ashe Recall

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