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How to Hack People's Minds in League of Legends

Richard Heimer

3 rd  November 2020

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Would it surprise you to hear that you don't need to break open the enemy base? Breaking your enemies is more than good enough.

Of course, you don’t want to call your foes a pack of brainless monkeys – as that will probably end with a whack from the ban hammer, but don’t worry; there’s more than one way to win games through words.

Rallying Your LoL Team

lol team leader

It’s difficult. You’ve just arrived in lane, and the Jungler’s red buff has been invaded. Now he’s angrily pinging you, and your team is pinging him, and no one is paying attention to the actual game.

LoL players might have a reputation for being toxic, but that’s no excuse. If your League chat regularly looks like the US presidential debates, something’s wrong. What can you do though? Surely one person alone couldn’t keep everything together, could they?

Fear not – we’ve got you covered. With these tricks, your team will run like a well-oiled, tower taking machine.

Have A Good Sense of Humor

Not only is this great advice for keeping your LoL team together, but it’s also a top-notch life tip. Then again, perhaps you don’t believe you have a good sense of humor. Here’s the thing though;

Everybody’s funny to somebody. Perhaps you have ridiculously high standards and don’t realize how hilarious you can be. (Notice how we complimented you there? We’ll get to that soon.)

A joke melts tension faster than a fed Rengar melts a marksman. Even if the joke isn’t amazing, your team will probably appreciate it, especially if they’re on edge. That being said, don’t make your teammates into jokes.

You can joke about people’s in-game names, or about certain skins, just don’t try too hard or it’ll come across as cheesy.

One of the best ways to break the ice is to think of a joke before the game begins, but who has time for that? Instead, why not just borrow a League of Legends joke?

Be A Nice Player

lol nice player

Now, we’re not accusing you of being a bad person, but a little “gj!” can go a long way. What’s great about “gj?” Well, it’s super short. League of Legends is not a chat room, and while everyone’s making friends, the enemy team is probably taking Baron.

In some games, you’ll want to check OP.GG to see if a teammate is on a losing spree. If it looks like they’ve been having a bad time, then treat them well. Compliment their farming, ganking, or warding. If they are playing terribly, try telling them that you’ll win team fights. And, if all else fails, tell them they have a cool skin.

This won’t always work of course. Some people are determined to be toxic, but how you handle them is one of the most important parts of League psychology. If someone starts raging at a teammate, make sure you shut it down. You don’t want to provoke them, but why not try saying;

“Please don’t be rude, we’re all on the same team.”

This quote has a way of making people stop for a second. Most players expect you to bite back with “stfu noob.” But by calling them out on their rudeness, there’s a chance they’ll end up feeling a little bad.

Another way you can be nice is by saying thanks. It’s proven that giving thanks and compliments makes people perform better, so why would you not do it? After all, a happy player makes for a happy team.

One final tip is to tell your team that you can win. Sometimes people just need to know that you still have hope. After all, hope is nearly as contagious as rage.

And you can use that rage to bring down the enemy team, to make them regret queuing up. No, you want to make them regret ever installing the game.

How To Get Into Your Enemies Heads

lol teemo champion

Tactics made to tilt your enemies might seem like you’re fighting dirty, but if your enemies are doing it, shouldn’t you? That depends on how much you care about winning. Many people don’t want to cross this line because it makes them feel rude, and that’s understandable. You can still win games just by making your teammates feel good.

That being said, a tilted player will rage, raging leads to a tilted team, and a tilted team leads to defeat.

If you truly want to up your chances of winning, then you need to poke your foes. How do you do that? Well, it all starts with an innocent “ =) “

Emojis, And Other Evil Ways To Win At League of Legends

A smiley face should be a universal symbol of happiness, but it’s been twisted. You’ve heard people say “good job” when someone does something undeniably dumb; the smiley face can be used in the same way.

It’s not toxic, so Riot won’t ban you for it, and it’s surprisingly effective to boot. Let’s say someone is foolish enough to tower dive you, and of course, you kill them; They’re already feeling sad, but hitting them with a “=)” is like spitting on them while they’re down.

Variations of this emoji include; “:)” “xDD” and the dreaded “:^)”

Of course, there are other ways to get under people’s skin. The question mark, for instance, is a wonderful tool.

The Mid laners flaming? Hit them with a “?”

The ADC just missed a cannon minion? “?”

Laughing and emoji spam also works, especially if you’re playing Lulu or Lux. Their sweet giggles are too annoying – we can barely stand it when we’re the ones playing them!

Misdirect LoL Opponents

An old strategy is to simply talk nonsense in all chat. Let’s say you want to do Baron.

Well, you wouldn’t say “Rush Baron.” Instead, you’d say “Take Dragon.” And, with any luck, at least one enemy will make a move for Dragon. It doesn’t matter what they do once they realize they’ve been duped, because Baron will be seconds from death.

Of course, there’s a chance that some foes will mute you, and that’s fine. You don’t need every player to be tilted, just 1or 2 is enough to kill their chances of winning.

And let’s say you only tilt 10 players in every 100 games. That’s still an extra 10 games that are waaaay easier.

That being said, sometimes you want to mute people yourself. While you should try and keep your team from raging, if it’s distracting you from the game, then go ahead. Especially if people are spam pinging enemy missing at you. That’s truly the fastest way to tilt people, and you never want to do it.

Now, we can’t end without saying that the best way to win more games is to play better. However, if you just want a little boost to help get you out of Silver 1, then this post should do the trick!

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