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The Best ARAM Champs to Win the Howling Abyss

Richard Heimer

23 rd  November 2017

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When you’ve been playing Summoners Rift for weeks, sometimes it's nice to have a little change. Aside from Summoner's Rift, ARAM is the second most popular game mode. Mixing an even amount of luck and skill, ARAM is completely different to the Rift you’ve all grown to love.

This difference means that champions good on Summoner's Rift aren’t necessarily the best in ARAM. Instead, some not so popular champions are the ones to look out for.

To help you increase your chances of winning ARAM we’re looking at the best ARAM champions out there. No matter if you’re an experienced ARAM pro or a brand new beginner, these are the champs you want to be rolling.

In no particular order, here are the best ARAM champs that will lead you to victory. If you happen to get one of these champs, then you’ve basically won!


Ziggs might not be a strong pick on Summoner's Rift, but when it comes to ARAM, he is a complete monster. This is primarily down to his ridiculous range which allows him to harass enemies hiding in the fog of war. Combine this with his Hexplosive Minefield to slow enemies and his Satchel Charge to destroy towers, and Ziggs is a powerful champ to have on your team.

Ziggs strongest phase is in the early game when his long-range bombs really pay off. By throwing them in the right place, you can drive your enemies crazy as they all run for cover. The only downside about Ziggs is he’s very mana intensive, so we suggest grabbing a chalice.


Ziggs might be a strong ARAM champ, but only if you can land his bombs. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could never miss?

If you’ve ever played ARAM and had Fiddlestick on the enemy team, then you should know how frustrating his crow is. Since ARAM is a small map, players users gather up together which makes skills like his Dark Wind a nightmare. With a cooldown of only 10 seconds (excluding bonus cooldown reduction) at max level, this ability alone is what makes Fiddlesticks a top ARAM champ.

Combine this with his ability to auto-heal himself, and a huge AOE ultimate, Fiddlesticks ticks all the boxes to cause maximum havoc.


If you’ve been paying attention to our list you’ll notice that all the best ARAM champs happen to be ranged. This isn’t a coincidence, ranged champions are a lot easier to play and can poke the enemy team down without getting hit. When your opponents are on low enough health, the rest of your team can jump in and clear them up.

When it comes to ranged champions, Lux is as good as it gets. With a complete toolkit of snares, shields, pokes and a frickin LASER, it’s not hard to see how Lux made it onto our list. Her ultimate alone is perfect for ARAM, and when everyone bunches up into a big group, she can cause huge amounts of damage.

Miss Fortune

When you’re playing ARAM, speed is a very important factor. Not only does it help you chase down enemies from one side of the abyss to the other, but it also helps you position yourself correctly. When it comes to speed, Miss Fortune is about as fast as it gets. Her passive ability grants her 25 movement speed when she has not taken damage in the last 5 seconds. After an additional 5 seconds, this amount is increased even more to a total of 100 bonus speed at full rank.

This makes chasing down enemies and getting stuck into the fight a lot easier. However, that’s not all. Miss Fortune is also armed with a double shot, excellent AOE snare and amazing ultimate. With so many deadly skills it’s no surprise we’ve named her one of the best ARAM champs.


If you want to dish out some serious damage in ARAM, then you should cross your fingers for Jhin. This guy is always the top of the leaderboard and racks up kills like its nothing. With his insane attack damage and long range, it's even possible for Jhin to 1 shot many squishies.

The only downside of Jhin is that he is tremendously slow in both movement speed and reloading. This means he needs to stay at the back of his group or else he’ll find himself in trouble. Half of the problem can be solved by buying speed boots, but unfortunately, there’s no way to speed up his attack. His best ability is his ultimate as the range is ridiculous and can almost hit the other side of the map. If you’re lucky enough to get given Jhin, then make sure you go out there and cause some serious damage.


The final champion on our list of the best ARAM champs has to be Shaco. The only melee champion on our list, Shaco is the perfect champ for trolling and having lots of fun. Not only can he place several Jack in the Boxes around the map, but his ability to vanish into thin air is also super annoying.

Combine this with his ranged AP attack and Shaco is an excellent ARAM champ for picking off enemies. Simply hide in the bushes with your Jack in the Boxes and vanish away when you get on low health. This ability to vanish anywhere on the map is what makes Shaco one of the best ARAM champs to play.

Now you know the best ARAM champs for the next time you’re playing ARAM, but if you want to win in style make sure you check out the link below!

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