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The Best League Of Legends Cosplays

Richard Heimer

6 th  November 2015

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We'll be honest - some of the League of Legends cosplays we've seen over the years have been nothing short of awful, but thankfully there are some truly talented and amazing cosplayers out there to make up for it! Below we've included the 5 best League of Legends cosplays that we've ever seen - check them out!

Awesome League of Legends Cosplays

5. Koi Nami by Néréide Cosplay

Koi Nami Cosplay

We love this Koi Nami cosplay - it's incredibly well made by an exceptionally talented cosplayer!

4. Jayce by Jasper Sardonicus
Jayce Cosplay League of Legends

Not only has Jasper created the full Jayce costume, he's gone and replicated his hammer too! So cool - if only he could create real acceleration gates.

3. Heimerdinger by Twinzik Cosplay
Heimerdinger Cosplay

This one actually looks fake at first glance, it's that good! Easily in our top 3 League of Legends cosplays of all time.

2. Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay by Julia Mi Fei
Kitty Cat Katarina Cosplay

This Kitty Kat Katarina cosplay stays true to the character and is exceptionally well crafted. Check out Julia's page for more excellent cosplay images!

1. Master Yi Cosplay by Minus10GradCelcius
Master Yi Cosplay

This Master Yi cosplay is our favorite that we've ever come across. Incredibly well made and it stays true to the in-game character. Definitely be sure to check out Minus10GradCelcius for more awesome cosplays!

Do you have a favorite cosplay that we haven't included here? Or maybe you're a cosplayer yourself and would like us to feature your work? Drop us a line in the comments below or contact us at [email protected] with your suggestions and we'll feature the best ones!

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