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Best League Of Legends YouTube Channels

Richard Heimer

6 th  January 2016

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League of Legends is great fun to play but it can be even more fun to watch. In this blog post we have compiled a list of the best League of Legends YouTube channels for you to watch. We’ve included serious channels as well as fun ones which makes this list perfect for you; whatever your taste.

Official League Of Legends YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel, run by Riot Games, is a great place to find all the latest League of Legends champion teasers, music videos and more. It's an awesome channel that's an extremely creative and easy way to stay up to date with the latest releases. Take a look at this sample video from the Snowdown Showdown to see what we mean:

The creation of League of Legends as well as the development of the game is all documented on the official Riot Games YouTube account. Also on this channel you can find teasers, cinematics, patch notes and even music tracks that include famous musicians such as Imagine Dragons. If you are more interested in watching game play you can always subscribe to the League of Legends eSports channel which can be found here. This includes hundreds of VODs of old matches as well as interviews with professional players.

Visit Riot Games Channel

Video Game Dunkey

Video Game Dunkey is a slightly controversial YouTuber who decided to quit League of Legends in October of last year but his old League of Legends videos are certainly worth a watch. Here's a glimpse of what you can find on his channel:

He has a sarcastic way of humouring his audience while trolling in the game to have fun. He has no remorse and his no rubbish approach puts him onto our list of the best League of Legends YouTube channels. We also recommend that you watch his non-league content. Even if you aren't interested in the game he can make it seem hilarious (Like this Video of Skyrim Remastered - Yes we are fully aware that this isn't actually Skyrim Remastered).

Visit Video Game Dunkey's Channel


This guy is a funny YouTuber who isn’t the best League of Legends player but his skills aren’t the reason we decided to add him into the list of the best League of Legends YouTube channels – We added him because he creates entertaining videos that we well worth the watch. His subscriber numbers aren’t as large as the other LoL YouTubers on this list but we think you should give him a chance – you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Grasshyren's Channel

Siv HD

A list of the best League of Legends YouTube channels would not be completed without Siv HD. If you don't know who this guy is then watch this:

He regularly creates funny League of Legends videos and uploads highlights from his Twitch streams with unique ideas and a funny commentary. His channel is one of the most subscribed League of Legends channels on YouTube and its well worth your time to watch some of his funniest videos.

Visit Siv HD's Channel


The UnrankedSmurfs YouTube channel is a great place to watch Skin Speedlight videos, like this one for Championship Riven:

We also post little videos, but the main purpose of our YouTube channel is to let you guys see the best League of Legends skins in the flesh.

Visit UnrankedSmurfs's Channel


Sp4zie is a Swedish League of Legends player who regularly uploads both insightful and funny videos. His channel isn’t just focused on League of Legends plays – he also re-voices LoL events and creates his own songs related to League of Legends.

His custom made content is so impressive that Riot actually featured him in the client once. Here's the video that got him featured:

His YouTube channel has recently just passed a million subscribers and we highly suggest you join them. He certainly won’t disappoint you with his wide variety of content.

Visit Sp4zie's Channel

Sky Williams

How can we describe Sky Williams? We'll let him do it for us:

Sky Williams doesn’t release play Videos of League of Legends but he’s one of the most regular and creative League of Legends vloggers out there. His videos are equipped with sarcastic remarks and a hint of humour, which when mixed with his sassy attitude, makes him a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Visit Sky Williams Channel


If you're a fan of Weird Al you'll love Instalok. They are like the Weird Al of League of Legends. Here's one of their most popular videos, a parody of Calvin Harris:

If you want to listen to League of Legends parodies of popular songs then Instalok is the perfect channel for you. It’s creative, fun and they even create some original catchy songs of their own. They are the only music channel in our list of the top League of Legends YouTube channels because we feel they are the best when it comes to League of Legends parody music.

Visit Instalok's Channel


This guy uploads a new League of Legends video every day. Not only does he provide lot's of entertaining content but he's original too, check out this video featuring Teemo with a Duskblade:

He's a pretty regular streamer as well as a Youtuber and well known throughout the League of Legends scene. He also hit 1 million Kappas on twitch, which is an achievement worth shouting about.

Visit Nightblue's Channel

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