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The Best League of Legends Ahri Skins

Richard Heimer

13 th  January 2017

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Ever since her release in 2011, Ahri has become a popular champion with many fans in the League of Legends community. With her long tails and twitching ears, it’s easy to see why she’s she so popular.

Not only is she one of the most loved champions in the game but she also has some of the best skins. To prove she’s one of the coolest champions in League of Legends, we’ve found some of the best Ahri skins available in game. But that’s not all! As most players already know all of the Ahri skins off by heart, we’ll also have a look at some new concept artwork.

Here are the best League of Legends Ahri Skins in game.

Popstar Ahri

Popstar Ahri League of Legends

Released in 2013, Popstar Ahri is by far one of the most popular Ahri skins. Based on the KPOP band Girl’s Generation, the skin includes their trademark dance move while recalling. In addition to this, the skin also includes several easter eggs. If Ahri stands near the blue sentinel, then she will automatically begin to dance without being told too. With her very kawaii outfit, there’s no surprise this is one of the most popular League of Legends Ahri skin. Available in store for 975 RP, if you want to impress your friends with your dancing moves, then this is the perfect choice.

Foxfire Ahri

Foxfire Ahri League of Legends

Inspired by the web browser Mozilla Firefox, this skin really shows off Ahri’s 9 tails. Sharing the same color scheme as Mozilla Firefox, the skin features Ahri glowing orange. Released in 2012 other champions also share the same internet browser theme such as Safari Caitlyn (Macintosh), Explorer Ezreal (Internet Explorer) and Chrome Rammus (Google Rammus). If you want to grab the attention of your teammates and enemies, then this is definitely the best skin to do the job. Available in the store now for 975 RP it’s only a matter of time until this skin is removed.

Academy Ahri

Academy Ahri League of Legends

Released in 2015, Academy Ahri references the South Korean school girl uniform. Ahri also shares this theme with Darius, Ekko, Fiora, Ryze and Vladimir. Although they are not your usual class, together they make a class of dangerous individuals but also a great 6v6 team. With her pink hair and matching uniform if you love Asian culture then you’ll love this skin. Available in the store for 750 RP, if you want to go back to school and relive your youth, then this is the skin for you.

Challenger Ahri

Challenger Ahri League of Legends

Released in 2015 to celebrate the end of Season 4, Challenger Ahri is no longer available in the Riot store. The skin features Ahri covered in shiny purple armor including a unique face piece with a red ruby crystal in the middle. Due to her dark purple colors, this skin easily stands out from the rest, and if you were luckily enough to buy it within time then you have a great skin in your collection!

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, then the chances are you’ve already seen and know of most the skins we just covered. For all you League of Legends veterans and Ahri lovers, we’ve found some new and unique concept skins that could be coming to the store in the future! Here are a few of the best Ahri skins you haven’t seen.

Pussycat Ahri

Pussycat Ahri League of Legends

This concept art is obviously based on cats and does a purrrfect job of bringing cats to the rift. We love the fact that her ball has been changed into a ball of string which matches the theme really well. In addition to this, Ahri also has dangling feathers on her side which is every cat's perfect play toy! With such a cool concept, we can only hope Riot notice it and decide to release it in store. We think this would definitely be a top seller.

Aviator Ahri

Aviator Ahri League of Legends

Created by Lighane from DeviantArt, this skin is based on the famous aviator Howard Hughes. Featuring Ahri in a helmet and goggles, Ahri has all the safety gear she needs for flying any plane. Also featuring blue hair and brown leather boots we think this would be an awesome skin in game and we really hope Riot make something similar.

Reaper Ahri

Reaper Ahri League of Legends

Drawn by Rikkumaru from DeviantArt, this skin was inspired by a gothic theme. The skin features Ahri in black armor and a matching black costume. We like the fact that her standard orb ball has been changed to a skull on chains which Ahri uses to throw around. Her tails have been made white which are opposite from her black armor but give a nice contrasting theme of darkness and light. If Riot were looking to release a darker themed skin, then this would be one of the front-runners.

Snow White Ahri

Snow White Ahri League of Legends

Drawn by Blanca-J-E from DeviantArt, this fairy tale skin is based on the famous Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. With blue roses for her orbs and a very similar Snow White costume we think this skin would be a huge hit with all Disney fans. Although there might be a few copyright issues from Disney this would be a great skin to see in the Riot store.

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