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The Coolest Champs in League of Legends

Richard Heimer

16 th  November 2017

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When it comes to champions in League of Legends, there are literally hundreds to choose from. However, not all of them are cool. Let’s face it, some champions absolutely suck and make you wonder why they’re in the game at all. They’re almost like the outcast at school that no one wants to talk to and everyone avoids at all cost.

On the other hand, there are the cool champs. The champions that everyone wants to play and are constantly fighting over in game. Not only do these champs look awesome in game, but they usually have the best abilities too.

To help you decide which champion you should play next in-game, we’re counting down the coolest champions that have ever walked the rift. Taking in a range of factors including visual appearance, popularity and overall awesomeness, these champions are so hot right now.

So hold on to your shades as we explore the coolest champions in League of Legends right now.

5. Darius
Darius Champion

The first on our list is no other than the dunkmaster Darius. Remember when everyone thought Zac Efron was cool for being in High School Musical and playing basketball? Well Darius is practically the same thing apart from he doesn't sing or dance, but he DOES play basketball, and he dunks REALLY well.

What makes Darius so cool is his aggressive and jock-like attitude. He’s not afraid to run into a 1 v 2 with his big axe, and most of the time he comes out victorious. Not only does he love getting stuck into a good fight but he also loves slicing people in two with his awesome ultimate. Jumping 10 feet in the air and chopping champions to bits is a pretty cool ultimate if you ask us!

4. Draven

Draven Champion

Coming in slightly higher on our list than Darius is the cool (and crazy) Draven. Known for his ridiculously long moustache and blade catching ability, Draven loves to live his life on the edge. In addition to this, Draven has some pretty big fans over at Riot.

Draven’s so popular that people often refer to the game as League of Draven, not to mention he also has a skin named after him twice (Draven Draven). It’s like no matter where you go in LoL Draven is everywhere.

Not only does he look cool, but his abilities are pretty awesome too. With the ability to unleash insane amounts of damage and stop people running away with his ultimate, Draven has all the traits of a pretty cool champ!

3. Vel'Koz


Vel’Koz might seem like a weird choice, (you’re probably thinking what, no Ezreal?) but hear us out. Let's get the obvious out of the way by reminding you that Vel’Koz is a freaking ALIEN. The first of his kind on the Rift and most likely the last. However, if you pay close attention you’ll also notice that he's FLOATING without wings! Combine this with his cool color, sound effects and kick-ass abilities, it’s pretty obvious to see why he’s number 3.

He might not be the most socially cool champion on our list, but what he lacks in social interaction he makes up for in style and tentacles. Oh and we forgot to mention his ultimate is a frickin LASER BEAM.

2. Zed

Champion Zed

Just missing out on our number 1 spot is the deadly assassin Zed. This champion makes killing people look easy and cool at the same time. With his razor-sharp blades and ability to teleport into the shadows, Zed is that one cool guy you want always watching your back.

In addition to his intimidating presence, Zed also has a whole array of awesome abilities including a super cool ultimate that makes him invisible and invincible for a short time. Zed is so cool in fact, that he was even chosen to have a special Championship skin made just for him. With his mysterious appearance and deadly reputation, Zed is most certainly one of the coolest champs in game.

1. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol

Taking the number 1 spot on our list is the one and only Aurelion Sol. You might think this is a bit of a strange pick, but we do have our reasons. The first and most obvious thing is that he’s a floating celestial dragon. In addition to this, he can also create galaxies and throw them at enemies. He’s so big in fact that he has his own planets orbit him which he can control by adjusting his gravitational field.

Finally, to seal his title as the coolest champion in League of Legends, Aurelion Sol also has an amazing ultimate. Not only does it fire a long bolt of Starfire in his path, but it also knocks back anyone caught in the middle. This makes it useful for a number of plays and scoring that much-needed pentakill. By mixing a dragon with space, Riot has most certainly managed to create the coolest champion in League of Legends (so far!).

Want to Make Your Champ Even Cooler?

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