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6 Games To Play While Waiting In LoL Solo Queue

Richard Heimer

2 nd  September 2020

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League of Legends is a fantastic and exciting game, from 1v1ing a random player who talks too much, to winning with your champion this game really can be fun. However, as exciting as it is and no matter how enthralled you become in it, you're bound to get bored at some points, especially waiting in a queue for a match. 

Due to this insufferable issue, we have created, for you, our fellow gamers, a list of games that can take your mind away from the frustration of all of the AFKers and EZ/BG messages or prepare you before a match to improve your reaction time and coordination. So ready up and get in line as we jump into 6 Games to Play Whilst Waiting in the LoL Queues.



This list is not in any order, but if it was then CLOP would easily be top of this list. CLOP is purely a coordination based Game. You start the game off as CLOP himself, a gangly unicorn who cannot move without your help. 

The controls are in the name of the game; C, L, O, and P are all the individual keys for each of CLOP's legs. As you start to understand how the game works it dawns on you that it is nearly impossible to get to the finish line with such a stupid unicorn. 

The key to this game is patience, if you get frustrated you will only make matters worse as you spam CLOPOLCOCPLCOLP and accidentally flip your unicorn.



Aimbooster is a very easy game that you come out of thinking you have done fantastically and can now become MLG, then you check the leaderboards and realize you came in 4,593,472nd in the world and it brings your ego way back down to earth. We’re looking at you, Yone mains.

It's a really good game if you want to improve your accuracy and reaction time, as a LoL player your reaction time is crucial when you have to hit those skills that really matter.

The best thing about it is the fact it's addictive so it makes improving your reaction time and coordination less of a chore and more fun.


osu game

OSU is very very hard. That's it. 

Just kidding, not about it being hard though, it's nearly impossible. OSU is fantastic for improving concentration and reaction timing. 

The fact it's put together with music makes it more fun too as you're playing along with the beat. This helps you to concentrate on when to click although it may be a little confusing at first as everything is in Japanese. 

Super Hexagon

super hexagon

Now then, this one is interesting. This game is purely based around getting a better reaction time especially out of your peripheral vision. It really helps you to react to subtle changes in your surroundings and makes you more aware of things you need to react to.

You play as a teeny little triangle trying to escape from lines that are being pulled towards the big hexagon.

We know what you’re thinking, that made no sense, agreed. Let’s try again, you are not allowed to touch the hexagon but the lines are trying to make you so you have to avoid them in time. Okay, that was the best we can do just watch the video. 

Laser Dodge

laser dodge

Okay, this one should be easier to explain, you dodge the lasers in time. Phew. Laser dodge is a very good concentration and reaction game as you have to drag a rag doll out of the way from lasers that could kill him.

It sounds easy but the more you play the faster they get and the more they casually switch the angle they're coming at you from. It may be an old game but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, but the more you play, the better you’ll get, and the better your reaction time will become.


superhot game

If you don’t recognize this one then we’re very disappointed. This is a brilliant game and is fantastic for improving reaction time. Super Hot is a game where time moves only when you move, because of this you have to react to bullets coming towards you, however, they only come towards you whenever you move. It means you have to plan where to go so you don’t get killed whilst you take out the separate bodyguards. We highly rate this game and think you will too.

Super Hot also has a VR version which requires a lot of concentration. Unless you want to strap on the headset and completely miss when your game is starting we recommend that using VR would be less of a waiting game and more of a full break from LoL.


In conclusion, these games should improve your reaction time the more you play them, and if not at least they are fun to play whilst you wait in the LoL queues. Give these games a go and tell us what you think! So keep grinding solo queue and GL HF!

Have we missed any games? Let us know in the comments and if we think they’re a worthy addition we’ll add them on!

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