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How much is your League of Legends account worth?

Alistar Smyth

5 th  January 2022

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League of Legends, a game that has millions of active players around the world also has its own economy. What we mean by the economy is that there is a huge volume in trading LoL items, particularly skins and LoL accounts. This is not just the case in a specific country, many regions and countries have this huge volume of trading. And this proves that LoL is a global game. Moreover, there are some players who earn some bucks while playing their favorite game, LoL. There are many methods that this can be done but what we will cover today is account trading which contributes to LoL’s economy by a big percentage. So if you want to look into selling your account or understand the components of what affects the value of an LoL account, you should start by asking an important question: What elements make your LoL account more valuable and how much is your League account worth?

The General Stance of your LoL Account

To start with basic components, we can look at your accounts’ general stance. What we mean by general stance is that your account’s levels, rankings, and some other factors.


Not surprisingly, as the level of your LoL account goes higher the chances of you selling your account with a higher price, increase. Also, keep in mind that one of the most important factors of the account of selling is the 30th level factor. As many players know, you need to reach 30 levels in order to start playing competitive games. In other words, you need to play a lot of games, spend a lot of effort before you start your journey to become one of the best players or to reach a decent rank. Due to the requirement of spending a lot of time to reach 30 levels, beginner players or players who would like to smurf (play ranked games in a different account) are highly willing to pay for a 30 level account. Thus, you can even open new accounts and sell them as soon as they reach 30 levels and make some bucks. 

If your account is not even 30 levels, you might not even find a buyer for your account; that is how your account would be so valueless. However, if you have skins or valuable items, they can change this value surely.


Very similar to levels, if you have a higher rank in LoL, you will be able to sell your account at a higher price than selling your lower-ranking account. Everyone tries to reach higher ranks in League of Legends. And some players feel too stuck in their ranks. Playing hundreds of games and still not making progress might be depressing, so these kinds of players can just buy a LoL account that has a higher value. Therefore, always keep in your mind that as your rank or ELO goes high, your League account is worth more.

Age of your Account

League of Legends was not very popular or at least definitely not this popular initially. Just like every other game, League of Legends had a starting point. Some players are willing to purchase accounts that are from the first seasons. The accounts from that period of time are not very common and they are kind of scarce. So, if you have an old account you will probably be able to sell it at a decent price. Note that this is not certain and there are many other factors that can affect how your account is worth in LoL.

Amount of champions

The most important factor for estimated value of lower end League of Legends accounts is the amount of champions they have. Most of the time people don't care that much about the amount of skins that are on the account. They simply want to smurf in lower tiers and for a lot of people that means learning new champions and expanding your horizons. If you need a smurf with a lot of champions we have got you covered. We have 3 main options for a lot of champions: Blue Essence smurfs (cheapest), Champion accounts,, High-end accounts (Choose exactly the champions and skins that you need.)

Items in your Account

If you really want to know how much your League of Legend account is worth then you should look at the biggest factor that affects it, the items in your account.

Tradable Items

Items alone in LoL are traded in secondary marketplaces. Thus, they already have some prices on them. Try to look at these prices one by one in these markets. Or even better, find the prices that have already been sold which can show you a realistic price. Then, after finding all the realistic prices (the price that you will most likely be able to sell at) add all of them up. After this, do not forget to add some more value since your account is probably old, has a decent ranking, and high level than average. This would show you how much your League of Legends is worth, more or less. Always remember that these values are just estimates since the prices that you are going to sell your skins or account can change a lot.

If you have skin that is not traded in LoL markets, then this is good news! That skin is probably very scarce which means incredibly rare and you got it from some LoL event. These kinds of skins have much higher prices than usual which would increase your LoL account’s value very highly. Also, valuing these scarce skins is a challenge itself since there are no active buyers of these skins. So you have to engage with the LoL community to find a buyer for your skin. Do not expect that you will find a buyer very soon. And do not make your moves instantly. Always think about the value of your skin and ask about its price to people even who are not willing to buy your skin. This way, you can ensure that you will not sell your incredibly rare skin at a cheap price but a fair price for both you and the buyer.

Free to Unlock Content that Requires a Grind

If you don’t have any rare items that would increase the value of your account, don’t worry: You can unlock content that can highly increase the worth of your League account. However, acquiring them is not very easy and requires a high grind. This means that you should play a lot of games and have your account meet certain criteria (such as having enough Blue Essence to pay). Also, you should note that this content mainly consists of champions; you can unlock many champions as you play the game and this will highly increase the worth of your League of Legends account. The good side is, you don’t have to pay any money for getting such items, earning Blue Essence while leveling up and completing some missions would be enough to purchase champions or other content. In addition, always remember that leveling up is not so easy and requires some dedication and effort.

LoL Account worth


These are the general factors that will tell how much your League account is worth. However, you should note that these are not final nor certain prices as buyers can always change their minds about how much they are willing to pay for an account. But more or less, applying these methods can give you a pretty good idea of how much your League of Legends account is worth.

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