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Everything You Need to Know About the League of Legends Olympic Skins

Richard Heimer

4 th  August 2016

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To celebrate the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics we’ll be looking every League of Legends Olympic skin in game.

Even though the Olympics are held every 4 years there has one been one collection of Olympic skins that have been released. These skins were released back in 2010 to celebrate the Vancouver winter Olympics. Since then no other skins have been released.

The 8 skins that were released are all related to Olympic winter sport such as curling, tobogganing and ice hockey to name a few. Here’s everything you need to know about the 8 Olympic winter skins.

Vancouver Amumu

amumu olympic colours

Starting off our Olympic skins list is Vancouver Amumu. Originally available in the Riot store for 520 RP this skin resembles Amumu wearing bandages with the colours of the Olympic rings. The skin features no new model apart from the colour changes, as well as no new animations or sounds.

Team Spirit Anivia

team spirit anivia lol skin

Another skin in the Olympic skins collection is team spirit Anivia. The skin features the champion Anivia painted white, blue and red in a flash full of colour. The model for the skin remains the same as the default as do the particles, animations and sounds. Although it is just a cosmetic change to the colouring the skin still looks really cool! The skin was available in the shop during the Vancouver Olympics for 520 RP.

Union Jack Fiddlesticks

fiddlesticks union jack league of legends skin

Although this skin doesn't necessarily look like an Olympic skin, it definitely is! The skin features the champion Fiddlesticks dressed in a t-shirt with the Union Jack (British Flag) printed on both sides. He also has matching blue gloves and blue string around his elbows and knees. The original model, animations and sounds all stay the same as the skin just has cosmetic changes. Like the rest of the Olympic skins in the collection, this skin was available in store during the Vancover Olympics for 520 RP.

The Mighty Jax

jax hockey skin league of legends

One of the best skins in the Olympic skin collection is the mighty Jax! This skin definitely stands out from the rest and gets a lot of attention in game. The skin features Jax as an ice hockey player in white and pink garments. The skin features several model changes from the original mode, including a new hockey stick as a weapon and a new face guard on his helmet. The skin doesn't feature any new particles, animations or sounds. When the skin was originally released it was available in store for 520 RP which seems like a bargain now for how good it looks!

Whistler Village Twitch

twitch whistler

This skin features the champion Twitch smartly dressed with an eye patch and crossbow for a weapon. The particles have been changed to match the skin and features a new projectile for his Venom Cask ability. The skin has no new animations or sounds which is consistent with all the other skins in the collection.

This is also considered a very rare skin as it is almost never seen in game. This is due to the amount of people that bought the skin from the store back in 2010 when the player base was low. If you happen to own this skin then congratulations you have a super rare skin in your collection!

Ice Toboggan Corki

corki ice toboggan skin

This skin is only Olympic skin on the list that doesn't cost 520 RP, this skin was by far the most expensive and could be bought in the Riot store for 1820 RP. But it was all for a good reason. The skin features Corki flying a toboggan instead of his normal plane. This means the whole model and texture for the champion has been changed to match the new theme. Unfortunately the particles, animations and sounds all remain the same.

Festival Kassadin

kassadin festival lol skin

The festival Kassadin skin is definitely a crazy one and features the champion Kassadin dressed in red, white and green clothes. The skin itself has slight model changes such as a large ice tiara on his head. Unfortunately there are no new particles, animations or sounds to match the craziness of the skin. This skin was available in the Riot store for 520 RP but like the other skins has since been removed.

Curling Veigar

veigar curling skin lol

One of the most popular skins in the Olympic skin collection is curling Veigar. The skin features the champion Veigar dressed as an Olympic curling player. The model features changes to Veigar's staff which is now a curling brush. The skin was available in store for 520 RP but like the rest of the skins it has been removed.

Currently there is no way to purchase these skins from the store as they were removed a long time ago. The only way to get the skins today is to buy a League of Legends account with them already redeemed.

If you want to celebrate the upcoming Rio Olympics then why not have a look at our League of Legends skin shop. All of our accounts come with rare skins that can no longer be purchased in the store. We have a wide collection of rare skins available from PAX Twisted Fate to Curling Veigar. Be sure to visit our stock below to see what we have in stock.

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