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Why Buy A League Of Legends Smurf Account?

Richard Heimer

30 th  November 2015

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Why buy a LoL Smurf from unrankedSmurfs

It’s common for high-ranked players to consider buying a League of Legends smurf account to help them improve. 

It’s estimated to take a couple of months to take an account from level 1 to level 30 and so it makes more sense to buy a smurf account instead. 

But put your wallet away! Before you shell out the money to buy a League of Legends smurf account (or spend the time levelling one) maybe it’s time to consider why anyone would even need a smurf account in the first place.

Play With Less-Skilled Friends on your Smurf League Of Legends Account

Happy LoL Friends

There is nothing more frustrating as a new player then being destroyed every single game. 

Unfortunately when it comes to low level games, smurfs are everywhere. It’s almost impossible to find a game without a smurf account and this ruins the League of Legends experience. 

Okay - Calm down. We understand that telling you to smurf is only adding to the problem, it’s much more fun for your friend if he has someone to help him learn the game. By playing with your friend on your League of Legends smurf account you can show them the ropes in lower level games. Remember that low level accounts don’t have many champions, access to the final runes, or have the masteries that they require. 

This makes playing against level 30’s an almost impossible task.

Learn A New Champion Through A Smurf

In 2015 Riot released 5 new champions, each more confusing than the last. Champions have come a long way from the days of release Ashe and their mechanics are far more complex than ever before. 

This means that players have a lot more to learn when a new champion comes out, and if your account has a high MMR it can be difficult to learn the new champion. This is why an unranked League of Legends smurf account can help.

Because the account is newly created it isn’t going to have a high MMR. This means that you can play the new champion against opponents of a lesser skill level than on your main account. This allows you to learn the mechanics of the champion without being punished for every single mistake and misplay you make.

Play Across Multiple regions through League Of Legends Smurfs

League of Legends Servers

This is one of the rarer reasons as to why a player would buy a League of Legends smurf account, but it’s still a valid reason. 

While pro players are often moving between continents and want to practice on different regions (Korean boot camp for example), some players also move around regularly. 

Plenty of jobs involve working in two countries (USA and the UK for example) which means you’re going to be moving servers pretty regularly. At 2600 RP per transfer this will soon add up. A much more sensible option would be to have an account on each region which you can play when you are present in that region. Save the time levelling up by picking up a smurf account with champions.

Practice Ranked Without Affection Your Main MMR

The holy grail of League of Legends – The ranked queue. What most people refer to as ELO hell is actually the point at which you stop climbing. 

When you reach where your skill level currently places you, you’ll notice you have less impact on the game and start to rely on your team. To get through this brick wall you can do only one thing: practice. 

While practising on your main account isn’t a bad thing, it can often become very risky. If you manage to climb to Platinum 1 but don’t feel ready to reach your promotions yet then maybe you could practice on a League of Legends smurf account. 

The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to worry about losing your MMR, ruining your chance of getting to Diamond. It also allows you to climb back up to your optimal ELO, giving you a nice confidence boost.

Hide Who You Are

Got an account that’s known for being a flamer in your region? Are you a famous streamer or pro player who wants to hide their identity? Smurfing is a great way to do this. There’s lots of reasons as to why someone would want to hide who they are and smurfing offers a solution to this problem. Being a famous streamer means that you can be constantly receiving friends requests, getting messages from random strangers and have a lot of people sucking up to you. This becomes extremely annoying and sometimes people just want to chill out and play some League. Just be careful with your new smurf account and don’t let anyone know it’s you, otherwise you’ll have the same problems as your main account.

Rofl-Stomop The Lower ELOs on your Smurf

League of Legends Smurfing

Have you ever felt frustrated after a defeat where you felt like you could have done more? Have you ever been on a bad streak of games where you lose almost every game you play? A great way to build motivation is to go to lower level games and destroy the opponents. This not only increase confidence but can also be great fun. It’s not one of the strongest reasons to get a League of Legends smurf account and this practice is frowned upon in the community but sometimes utter domination can be fun.

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