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Why Smurf in League of Legends?

Richard Heimer

4 th  May 2016

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Firstly what is a smurf account and why smurf in League of Legends? A smurf account is a low level or lower ranked account commonly used by players of a higher skill level.

The term smurf or smurfing originally came from the Warcraft 2 community back in 1996 when pro players Shlonglor and his roommate Warp became so good at the game that only a select individuals would play them. Both players had an idea that if they made new accounts with new names that were unrecognisable then they would be able to play games again with everyone else, for whatever reason they chose the names “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette” and hence the term smurfing was born.

There are two main types of smurf accounts, low level smurfs were players aren’t necessarily high ranked and are looking for fun or less competitive games and elo smurf accounts were higher ranked players are looking for a secondary ranked account or looking to hide their true skill and level.

So that brings us to the question, why smurf?

Top Reasons Why People Smurf Unranked

Did you know around 60% of accounts have never played ranked matches? There are many reasons why someone would smurf on an unranked account but here are some of the most common:

Trying different team compositions or strategies

By having another account it gives players the option to try new things in game such as different roles and champions without any consequence to their main accounts in case they suffer a losing streak. By having another account it allows players to experiment with different champions on different game modes.

Getting an easy win and having fun

LoL victory screen

Playing competitive ranked games can have its toll on players and are a lot more serious compared to casual matches. By having a smurf account players can enjoy fun games with friends without having to focus on winning and making their account stats and history look good.

Level 30 players that want to play with friends

One of the main reasons why players smurf is normally when they have a friend that has just started playing the game but is currently a too low skill level to be thrown in to high level matches. By having a smurf account which is lower ranked, players can be in the same game without having a one sided match dominated by one team. This allows low level first time players to get in to the game without their friend pulling them in to higher level matches.

A player who wishes to troll games without consequences

Even though this does happen in games and can be a common thing this is considered taboo as it doesn’t help other people playing the game that are trying to win. By having a second account to troll on this stops the players main account which they value more from being reported or banned.

Top Reasons Why People Smurf at High ELO

Some high level players may feel the need to take a break from their main account and play on a smurf. Here are some of the main reasons as to why high level players smurf:

Low ranked players who want to retry their placement matches

If players are unhappy with their initial rank placement, some players look to retry their matches by making a new smurf account which gives them a second chance to get a higher ranking before they decide which account will become their primary and which will be their secondary.

A player who just wants a second ranked account

Some players just enjoy having more than one ranked account in case they ever want to play with their friends of a different skill level or as a challenge to their selves to get as many accounts as possible to a high skill level.

Having lower queue times

LoL Queue Timers

When players reach a certain skill level queue times can become very long especially in the Master and Challenger divisions which have limited match making pools. When queue times reach over 30 minutes it can be very time consuming trying to find a match and can be much faster using a smurf account to find a game.

Creating a backup account

Some players like to have a smurf account as a backup in case their main account is banned or hacked for whatever reason. Having a backup account allows players to keep playing the game while they resolve the issue with their other account which is much better than missing all those important wins of the day!

Pro players hiding main accounts

LoL Smurf Elo

Many professional league of legends players and professional streamers have ranked smurf accounts which allows them to practise with other players without facing trolling or abuse as their identity is unknown to other players. This is one of the main reasons why people smurf in League of Legends.

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