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Why Smurf in League of Legends?

Richard Heimer

12 th  July 2019

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Before we get into why you should pick up a League of Legends smurf, let’s talk about what a smurf is;

 A smurf is a LoL account that is of a lower level/ranking than the player's main account.

The term ‘smurf’ has its roots in Warcraft 2, and first appeared all the way back in 1996. Pro players Shlonglor and his roommate Warp became so good at the game that only a handful of players could face them.

They figured that if they made new accounts with different names, then they would be able to play with everyone else. They chose the names “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette” for whatever reason, and hence, smurfing was born – or at least, smurfing in video games.

High skilled players have been pretending to be noobs all throughout history, from professional singers doing karaoke, to Grandmaster Chess players thrashing scrubs. It goes to show that no matter what your hobby, we all like to feel better about ourselves from time to time, and that’s one of the reasons why smurfs are so much fun!

There’s plenty of other reasons why you would get a kick out of smurfing though, which we’re about to dive into!

team of smurfs

Top Reasons People Play On Unranked Smurfs

Did you know that around 60% of LoL accounts have never played ranked matches? There are many reasons why someone would smurf on an unranked account, but here are some of the most common:

Testing Different Team Compositions Or Strategies

By having another account, players have the option to try new things in game without negatively affecting their main account. This could be different strategies, Champions, or roles.

You might argue that you can simply play normal games, but as anyone who has played normal games will attest to, it’s not comparable to Ranked.

You can learn the basics of ADC in a normal game, sure, but you won’t get that competitive experience – not when your teammates are all there for nothing but fun – then again, that’s what a game should be about.

Having Fun

You’ve likely experienced ranked burnout – when you have played so many matches that when a teammate starts doing poorly. you feel done. Not just with the match, but with LoL in general.

 And if you win? Well, you don’t feel the rush of euphoria like you normally might, just a mild sense of relief over not losing.

 By owning a smurf account, players can focus on having fun with their pals, without the stress of needing to win so that they don’t get demoted. Nothing kills enjoyment faster than the fear of failure.

Redoing Placement Matches

A lot of the time, we can’t wait to get right into ranked, and this often has disastrous results.

Your first five games go poorly, which makes you perform even worse in your 5 remaining games. You blame your teammates, balance issues, anything but yourself.

Your disappointment in the game deepens, and before you know it, BAM! You’re in bronze.

Or perhaps you’ve just had a streak of bad luck – either way, a smurf gives you a second chance to get a higher ranking. Then you still have your other account, should you want to use it for any of the other reasons listed here.

Playing With People In Lower Divisions

A couple of years ago, Riot made it impossible for you to play with someone if they’re 2 or more ranked leagues higher/lower than you. If you’re in Platinum and want to play with your friends in Silver, then I’m afraid you can’t.

You could play normal games, but most of us don’t get that exhilarating rush if it’s not ranked. Plus, while you’re playing normal games, your other friends might climb to a higher ranking and pass you.

Your other option is to stop playing with your friend, and given how many relationships are held together by our shared love of LoL, this might just ruin your friendship.

Gain Access To Cool Skins

cool league of legends skins

If you choose to purchase your smurf from our store, then you can choose from many accounts that come loaded with rare skins. Want Judgement Kayle but didn’t’ play back in Season 1? Now’s your chance!

No matter what account you choose to go for, our sought-after selection of skins is sure to impress your friends!

That’s it for the list of reasons an average player might want a smurf, but there are even more reasons why a high elo player might consider picking one up!

Top Reasons People Smurf At High Elo

Contrary to popular belief, high elo isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Some high-level players may feel the need to take a break from the demanding struggle of maintaining their place at the top, and a smurf could be just the thing.

Here are some of the main reasons as to why high-level players smurf:

Enjoying Lower Queue Times

lol long queue timer

When players reach a certain skill level, queue times can get quite lengthy. This is especially true in the Master and Challenger divisions which have tiny matchmaking pools. When queue times reach over 30 minutes, you can understand why people might get fed up.

You could complete a whole LoL match in that time! Moreover, if you’re a streamer like many higher elo players are, then you don’t want your viewers to have to sit through 30 minutes of you reading out donations.

Hiding Their Identity

Many professional League of Legends players have a second account just so that they don’t get trolled. It might surprise you how many people deliberately throw games just to get the attention of someone famous – because even negative attention is better than no attention in their eyes.

For instance, popular League of Legends Youtuber Gbay99 has faced issues in the past with enemies sitting top all game to ensure he doesn’t have a good experience.

If this is an issue that you’ve faced, then you definitely need a smurf account! But why go to the trouble of spending countless hours levelling up your own when you can get one here? And one that comes with some extra goodies at that.

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