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why do youtubers and streamers start new smurfs all the time

Richard Heimer

13 th  July 2022

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Have you ever wondered why streamers like TF Blade, Tyler1, Tarzan, Rat IRL and many others start new accounts almost all the time? Many of them end up ranking over five accounts per season.

This seems illogical at first. After all, splitting your practice into multiple accounts should distract you from your goal to Rank 1, Challenger or Diamond. So how can these players possibly have multiple challenger titles and many other achievements? Stay with us to learn why and how they do it.

Popular streamers whos tart new accounts

Why do streamers start new accounts all the time?

So why would someone split his practice into more than one account?

Three reasons why streamers start new smurf accounts

There are three main reasons:

You do it if you want to practice new champions or roles. You can never tell how good you are on a champion or role until you isolate this factor.

The second reason is that the games on your smurf account aren't as stressful as the ones on your main account. You can warm up in a safe environment before getting into serious games.

The third reason is the improvement of certain game elements, such as map awareness, lane trades or warding.

This approach makes a lot of sense if you think about it. You isolate all external factors such as games of your main role and their influence on your MMR. Thanks to it, you can extend your playstyle repertoire and grow as a player.

One of the primary examples but not the only one who applied this and succeeded is Tyler1. Over the past few years, he went from a toxic Draven OTP who had no deeper understanding of the game to a macro god who got Challenger on every single position and can easily flex new champions whenever necessary.

The other notable examples from the pro scene are Keria, who played Yasuo even though he's the main Support, Faker with his famous Olaf mid against Irelia in the world championship, and Perkz, who played ADC as a mid-main to make room for Caps and many others.

This will become a new norm. League is a huge game; you need to understand all its elements: champions, roles and different playstyles. It might seem like a lot of hassle, so do not forget that this is JUST a game, and it's supposed to be fun. So please do not get your notebooks out and do not study the champion's abilities the easiest way to learn the game is by playing it.

How to practice on a new account?

We have explained why streamers and pros do it now. Let us get into the essence and analyze how they do it so you can apply it to your everyday practice.

The first step is to determine what you want to get better at. You can focus on improving a specific skill if you already play multiple champions on your main account.

For example, if you want to get better at map awareness, Jungle and Support are the best roles. These roles require less mechanical prowess because you do not have to CS and trade with your lane opponent.

Naturally, this will allow you to spend the freed-up energy watching the map and planning your next move. Over a few hundred games, this mental practise will become natural to you, and your map awareness will increase. This is just one of the examples of how to practice a specific skill, not a champion or position.

Let's say you think that your skill of map awareness is already great, but you want to learn to trade better. There is no better place to get better than the Octagon of Top Lane. Because of the longer route back and more snowbally champions, top lane teaches you how vital your HP is as a resource. After a few stomps by riven One trick ponies, you will learn how important recognizing good trades is and start improving.

It's easier to decide what to practice if you already have a specific champion or lane you want to learn. Just play it on a new account and have fun with it. When you choose your champion or role, think about how it can complement your main role or champion. Let's say you are an Ahri main and would like to learn how to counter zed lanes because it gives you a lot of trouble.

Just start a new zed mid account. Over time you will notice and learn his trading patterns and the champion's weaknesses. I chose this specific matchup as an example because Zed initially seems very strong into Ahri. Still, if you know how Zed is piloted and where he lands after using his ultimate, this gives you a free charm on him every time he ults. Learn the timing and pattern, and you will win the matchup 9 out of 10 times.

Okay, so after this introduction, you should have a fairly good understanding of what you should parctice and how to improve your main rank and unlock new levels of League of Legends expertise.

Most effective ways to get a new account

Comparison of 3 ways to get a new lol account

So what's our next step? We need a new fresh MMR account to start practising. Why a fresh MMR, you ask? As we said before, you want to isolate all external factors for your practice, including prior ranks on an account. The cheapest way to do that is to level an account. We have a great article about how to LEVEL up your account and all the ups and downs of doing it yourself. If you think about going this route, remember that this is an investment of about 130 hours, assuming you play only vs AI and finish your games fast.

While this method might be the cheapest in terms of money invested, you need to invest a lot of your time. There are XP and win boosts that you can buy that cut down the levelling time to roughly 30 hours or three days of gaming if you are dedicated. The cost is roughly 30$ assuming you can do it in 3 days and not waste your daily XP boosts. However, our accounts are cheaper than you would spend on the boosts, and you do not have to invest your time.

You can buy an account from a 3rd party seller such as ourselves. We proudly sell only hand-levelled accounts as the only seller out there. Remember that purchasing a cheap few-dollar account means buying a botted account. Think about it who would level an account for 130 hours for 5$. If you buy an account like this, you risk that it will randomly get banned. The accounts like this get banned in waves, so you might end up unlocking many skins and champions to get it randomly banned after a few months.

Okay, so you already have an account. So what now? Remember to stick to your champion, play the game, and most importantly, have fun. From time to time, play on your main account to not get rusty at what you are already good at. Do this, and you will grow as a player; perhaps you are the next Caps or Faker if you put in the time in conscious practice.

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